Best Electric Space Heater For Bedroom

Best Electric Space Heater For Bedroom

Best Electric Space Heater For Bedroom: Winter season allows us to welcome warm clothes, coats, woollen hats and snow boots and lots of stuff but if you are still feeling cold then space heater can be a good option. It can help you to warm yourself well when the temperature falls. Based on few of the best qualities explained above some of the electric space heaters you can choose from are:

7 Best Electric Space Heater For Bedroom

1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Power Space Heater

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Power Space HeaterThis ceramic power space heater is one of the best electric space heaters available. The heater comes with a remote control which can help to easily control the device. It weighs about 7.45 lbs and has a diameter of 23 inches. The device is compact, powerful and portable which can be moved easily from one room to other if you feel a certain place is sufficiently heated. The heater comes with ceramic plate which provides safety and warm air can easily circulate around the living room using the fan. The device comes with a built-in timer so you can control the ‘ON’ time of device. The feature of wireless control can make your life easier by allowing you to make adjustments sitting anywhere. The design of the device is as good as its performance. It comes with different colour LEDs which display different controls like temperature of the room and the time for which the space heater has been turned on. There are indications if the heater is turned ‘ON’ or it’s ‘OFF’ and also LEDs for high and low heat.

This compact device uses ceramic element which has the ability to regulate the amount of heat. When it gets too hot it increases the resistance which results in fall in current as a result it gets cooler. The self-regulating property makes it good to use anywhere. The heater has the heating power of 1500 watts which is good enough to warm up the place and push the heat throughout the living room. Wireless remote gives you control over all the features of device. You can control the time you want to turn the heater on for. You can control heating option depending on the temperature of your room if it is too cold then you can select high heating option otherwise it also has a low heating option as well. You can control the temperature of your surrounding with wireless remote control also you can turn ON and Off your device using this remote control option.

Key Features:

  • The heater comes with cool-to-touch feature as it does not heat up and also it has a carrier handle which makes it easier to carry.
  • The heater has an automatic overheat protection system which keeps the heat in check and turns the heater off if requires.


  • Compact, powerful, easy to use and good safety measures.


  • Temperature settings are not finely calibrated.

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2. DeLonghi EW7707CB 1500W Space Electric Heater

DeLonghi EW7707CB 1500W Space Electric HeaterThis electric heater does not require any batteries and it has about 1500 watts of heating power. The device has quiet operation with almost no noise which makes it best for a bedroom. Due to its heating power and good capacity the heater can work well for medium or even large size rooms. The heater has ability to provide heat constantly for longer period of time which makes it a good solution for very cold weather. The DeLonghi electric heater comes with an adorable design and quality of steel used to design the structure makes it even better. The heater comes with a permanent oil reservoir which is not used as fuel rather it serves as a heat reservoir which continue to circulate as long as you are using the heater.

The heater comes with the feature of temperature control which helps to maintain desire temperature in your living area automatically. The device comes with an adjustable thermostat which helps to maintain the temperature at different times during a day. You can set temperature for morning and evening according to your requirement. This feature improves the energy efficiency of device as it can cut energy lost. Excellent design allows heat to be circulated well around the area. All these qualities makes it one of the best electric space heater available in market.

Key Features:

  • The heater has low surface temperature due high quality material used in manufacturing.
  • The device also comes with automatic turn off feature in case of excess heat.
  • It also has anti-freezing feature to prevent freezing during very cold weather.


  • The heater has good safety features, silent operation and allows you to control the device according to your needs.


  • Oil reservoir can take longer to heat up.

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3. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

GiveBest Portable Electric Space HeaterThe heater is a ceramic based heater which is designed to operate on multiple heating powers based on the requirement. It can operate at either 1500 watts or 750 watts as well depending on temperature and your requirement. The heater comes with feature of adjustable temperature which can help you to set the desire temperature according to your requirement. The automatic turn ON and Off of the device regulates the temperature of the surroundings according to your desired setting. The device comes with a six feet cord and weighs around 3.5 pounds and works on 120V voltage supply and comes with one year of warranty.

The heater uses PTC(Positive Temperature coefficient) ceramic material which increases power efficiency of device when it reaches a pre-set temperature, the heater stops further heating and saves the energy. Due to rapid heating ability it can heat up the room of 200 square feet very quickly. The silent operation of the heater makes it a good option for bedroom and also due to ability to heat up smaller places and portable nature it can be used in multiple places like rooms or offices.

Key Features:

  • The heater comes with good safety measures as it uses material which cannot catch fire which makes it fire free equipment.
  • It also has an automatic turn off feature in case of being hit or knocked over.
  • To prevent overheating of device, it also turns off when it is heated above a desired temperature.


  • Lightweight, good performance and perfect for small spaces.


  • It can be little too small for medium or large size rooms.

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4. Andily Space Electric Heater

Andily Space Electric HeaterThis heater also uses ceramic material for heating which is followed by a fan to circulate the warm air around the living room. The heater weighs around 2.4 lbs which makes it easier to carry around and works well with a 120V , 60 Hz outlet. The heater comes with the feature of controllable thermostat which allows you to control the temperature of surrounding by simply changing the settings of device and in addition to temperature you can also control the heat production of the heater due to the different modes it works in. If it is extremely cold and you need some quick heat you can turn on your heater in ‘high heat’ mode which operates at 1500 watts and if you want less heat you can use power consumption mode which works at 750 watts.

The ceramic material used in the heater does not allow the temperature to rise beyond desired limits as it is self-regulating material. You can place the heater at any dry or flat surface and it works well.

Key Features:

  • The heater has the capacity to control the overheat due to its ability to turn off the device when temperature is more than desired limit.
  • The heater can automatically turn off when it falls or get hit to prevent any fire hazards.
  • LEDs to indicate the power supply.


  • Lightweight, adjustable thermostat and energy efficient.


  • It can be a little noisy for few people.

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5. Optimus H-5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

Optimus H-5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant HeaterThe heater works on the principle of heat production and then circulating it around the room using a fan. It has height of around 11 inches and it weighs around 2.3 pounds which makes it very lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes with the line of about 6 feet. The heater is a powerful device for its size and can be used in different modes. High heating mode operates at 1500 watts and is very useful when instant heat is required to heat up a place then there is low heating mode which is useful for personal heating and the you can also use it as a fan when you do not want to use heating function.

The heater is power efficient as you can change the mode of heating and save the power or simply operate it at high power to heat up the room and then shift to low power to save energy and it generally doesn’t affect your electricity bills too much. The heater is easy to use that comes with simple dials to change the temperature and for the functions of high heat and low heat and also an LED to indicate power supply. The heater is very quiet in its operation.

Key Features:

  • The heater body is made up of plastic and very cool to touch and easy to handle.
  • The device also turns off when overheated, tips over or get knocked.


  • Lightweight, powerful and multiple operating modes.
  • Energy efficient and automatic turn off system.


  • Fans can only blow out plain air.

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6. Honeywell HCE100B Bud Ceramic Efficient Space heater

Honeywell HCE100B Bud Ceramic Efficient Space heaterThe heater is energy efficient device which works with the ceramic material and operates at 250 watts. The heater is specially deigned to satisfy personal needs and weighs about 1.05 pounds. The ceramic technology used in the design is efficient to provide more heat at less power. It also comes with high heating and low heating mode that can help to save power when required.

Small but powerful device comes with the feature of tip over switch which allows the device to turn off in case of any hit or fall. The material of exterior design is cool to touch and device also comes with the capability to turn off once temperature goes above the desired range. The portable heater satisfies your needs of comfort and warmth. You can easily heat your room by operating it at high heat and closing doors and windows and you will feel soothing warmth that is the characteristic of this device.

Key Features:

  • The device comes with cool-to-touch body and automatic turn off in case of overheating.


  • Energy efficient, temperature controls and durability.


  • Good for small spaces only.

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7. Brightown Portable Ceramic Heater

Brightown Portable Ceramic HeaterThe heater works on positive temperature coefficient ceramic heating. The ceramic material can heat up very quickly and is accompanied by a fan to circulate warm air around the living room. The heater weighs about 3.09 lbs and it can heat up 200 square foot within a minute. It comes with two heating modes that can work according to requirement. If it is too cold it can operate at 1500 watts and produces more heat and it has capability to work at 750 watts to produce less heat.

Adjustable thermostat will allow you to control the temperature of the device according to the setting of the device. The heater has quiet operation as it hardly produces any noise. Lightweight portable device comes with a 6 feet cord and it’s good to use for offices and houses. The exterior of the heater is made up of fire resistant material. The device comes with one year warranty as well.

Key Features:

  • The device comes fire resistant material and it has capability to automatically turn off when temperature rises too much.


  • Energy efficient and good safety.


  • Lacks fine calibration for temperature controls.

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Buyer’s guide while buying a space heater:

Some of the most important things that you should consider while buying a space heater are:

Space heater:

A space is used to keep a certain place warm. Its qualities and size may vary according to area and requirements. A space heater works well whether you are working in an office or you are in home or anywhere else. It can provide the heat required to keep our workplace or room warm. You can always choose your space heater based on your needs as it can come in different sizes. You should analyse the area that is required to be heated and size and strength of the space heater when buying it. The priority should be a compact device that can do the task for you and at the same time it should not be noisy or it should never create a lot of disturbance as during severe winter you would require to keep it ‘ON’ for hours to get the warmth you are looking for that cannot be possible if you space heater is noisy. A portable heater gives an additional advantage to change its place once you feel its warm enough. A top quality space heater can have a lot of qualities. Some of the important qualities can be:

Consider while buying The Best Electric Space Heater For Bedroom?

Some of the important factors to consider while buying the best electric heater are:

What type of heater is you looking for?

The type of heater you need depends on the area you are looking to use it in. There can be few types of space heaters depending on the way they work.

Space heaters using ceramic plate to heat:

Ceramic heaters work by using ceramic plate to heat up the place. The heater works by passing air over the ceramic plate which is heated by electrical current. The device is good for houses as it is safe to handle so can be used for homes and pets.

Space heaters working on forced-air:

These space heaters work by circulating the air around the living area using a fan. They are also known as convection heaters. This is a quick process to heat the room as fan makes it possible for the warmer air to move around quicker.

Heaters using objects in path to heat:

These are also known as radiant heaters as they use the objects around them for heating and are directional in nature. They can be used to heat the living room as they tend to retain the heating effect for longer period of time.

Space heaters using Infrared rays:

The space heater that uses infrared rays is a personal level heater for a small room or a single person. As it uses the infrared rays heated by different bodies to heat the surrounding.

Heater capacity depending on size of area:

The amount of heating you need depends on the area of living room you want to heat so you can choose from the number of products available depending on your requirement of heat capacity. Usually a 1000 watt heater can be good enough to heat 100 square foot of area in a living place but it can depend on the technology being used by the heater and environmental factors as well. The heating area covered by a space heater may increase or decrease depending on the surroundings it is being used in.

What is the energy consumption of space heater?

One of the most important factors while buying an electric space heater is energy efficiency of heater and consumption of energy. To keep your electricity bills in check you should compare the energy efficiency of different products before you select the space heater you want to buy. You should be careful about the size you need and the energy requirement of the device. Modern space heaters come with automatic adjustments which can help to reduce the energy consumptions.

Safety features of the space heaters:

Safety should be the top priority while buying any product and same is the case for electric space heaters. There can be potential hazards of fire while using electric heaters. The space heaters following advance safety features should be preferred to reduce the risk of fire. Modern space heaters come with cool-to-touch surfaces which do not heat up during use. The safety features include many factors; some of the space heater can turn off automatically when knocked down accidently.

The modern heaters can come with overheat protection feature which can turn off the switch automatically when temperature reaches a dangerous level. All these safety features can ensure your safety so you should decide your space heater based on top class safety features.

The level of noise your space heater produces:

All the space heaters can produce some noise while operating but some of them can be noisier than others. You should prefer relatively quieter heaters for your living room such as radiant heaters and you can choose otherwise if heaters are required outside bedroom.

What size is sufficient for you?

An important factor while you are looking to buy a space heater is to decide what is the area you are looking to cover with the heater as there are multiple types of heaters available with different coverage capacities ranging from personal heaters to others which can cover more area. If you are looking for a small bedroom then a personal heater can be a good option as it can save energy but if you are looking to warm up from sitting area you should prefer a larger heater.

What fuel type your heater uses?

That is an important question to ask while buying a heater. You should be aware of the fuel source of heater as there can be gas and electric heaters available in market. Gas heaters available can be less costly but they require extreme care as a small mistake can cost a life. They require proper ventilation and you cannot sleep while keeping them ON and gas leakages can be disastrous for health. Electric space heaters on the other hand are more safer as they can come with some top class safety including features of automatic turn off in case of overheating and using fire resistant materials for construction of body.

Features of the space heater you are buying:

  • You should always read details of the product you are trying to buy and some of the important features you should look for are:
  • If you are looking for personal use then length of the cord is an important factor.
  • The heater should come with the features of automatic turn off in case of overheating.
  • It should have controllable thermostat to control the temperature.
  • Some space heaters also have timers which can control the time you are trying to turn your heater for.
  • Some modern space heaters come with remote control to make things easier for you.
  • Your space heater should be easy to carry around if you are looking for a portable heater.
  • All these features can play an important role while deciding to buy space heater.


  • The device should have all the safety features for protection as explained above.

Final Thought:

A electric space heater can be your best friend for winter season so choose wisely. They can come in different sizes and capacities so you should choose what you require and some of them explained above are amongst the best electric space heaters available.