Best Folding Pocket Knife

Best Folding Pocket Knife

Folding knife today is used as equipment such as rescue crews, climbers, and responder that police can use, apart from that used to open your package, slicing off the hunk cheese, and cut fruit from trees.  This folding pocket knife also acts as self-defense when you are in danger. Below we have selected for you the best folding pocket knife you should get from the market.

10 Best Folding Pocket Knife Reviews 2020

We can Check 10 Best Folding Pocket Knife Products List:

Product NamesRatingsPrice
1. Kershaw Blur Black4.8
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2. Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife4.6
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3. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS4.6
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4. CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife4.7
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5. Ontario RAT1 Folder4.7
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6. Benchmade – North Fork4.8
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7. Sog Cashcard Folding Knife4.7
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8. Buck Knives QuickFire4.5
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9. Katsu Bamboo4.5
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10. Benchmade – Mini Griptilian4.7
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1. Kershaw Blur Black

Kershaw Blur BlackThis is the first folding pocket knife on our list. If you are looking for the knife with excellent slicing and piercing, you need to look for the Kershaw blur. We recommend this type of knife over the others since the handle is the top best to look for.

Kershaw blur is slightly curvature for the blade that offers a wide angular dimension of your knife. This knife features speed safe, which is safe and secure when you carry anywhere. The Best folding knife comes with a black blur, which is perfect to fit every user.

The modification comes with an aluminum handle, which is a Trac-Tec insert of the comfortable when you hold. The thumb studs are angle, which is excellent for most of the users. This knife comes with EDC rotation. The blade of this material is the perfect match for most of the users.

Key Features:
# Made in the USA
# The blade ends smoothly, and it sits seamlessly centered in the handle once closed.
# Handle reinforced by inset Liner Lock to stretch extra asset, durability
# Reversible pocket clip makes storage of the pocket knife a waft

1. Lightweight
2. Significantly shape and fast deployment
3. Excellent texture grip and hold angle Easy
4. Heavy enough to texture sturdy, light adequate to transmit around
5. Super Fast Opening

1. Opening stud is sharp on both side
2. The large size will intimidate and may be illegal

Take this Kershaw Blur home with you.

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2. Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

Gerber Paraframe Mini KnifeThis folding knife makes the top of the list because it is the best lightweight, perfect for carrying daily. It provides you with a high carbon steel blade of the para frame cuts weight. This knife is small, thin and you can hold its edge well enough when using. I recommend you try this type of knife.

Since it is made of the black-coated tanto style blade, it also features a black frame that is open and lightweight. It comes with a sturdy frame locked to keep the blade in place with the minimum of play. That is the reason why most people prefer this knife over the other.

This folding knife has the sturdiness of the body that makes it tight on the pocket. That is why it makes everything foldable in place. Another important thing with this knife is the simplicity of the knife, which is related to the function done with Gerber para frame since it comes with a clip point blade, which makes it ideal when cutting in close quarters.

Key Features:
# Frame lock grips blade open and securely closes
# Durable pocket clip
# Weight 1.4 ounce
# Full fine edge blade

1. Easy to clean
2. Lightweight
3. It has the frame lock
4. Affordable price
5. Smooth

Cons :
1. The blade will rust relatively easy
2. Small

If you are looking to buy a lightweight folding knife, you should consider Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife. This is the best knife available that you can take home with you.

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3. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LSSWMP4LS is another good-looking option for any buyer looking for the average size knife. This knife is constructed well with black current, attractive look. This folding knife consists of quality factual that is well designed, making it more robust and reliable.

If you are looking for a secure sureness blade that is not greasy, then you need to deliberate smith as the best on one on your list. It comes with a care switch acting as coil assists. This knife is relaxed to put into your pocket, and nobody can notice that you carry something.

If you are searching for the craggy used knife, then have a look at the smith Wesson. It can be best, we assure you. Both left and right-handed can able to function this knife with an easy. That is since of the ambidextrous knob. Smith knife is more important enough and educations when you are using it.

Key Features:
# Deploys blade fast and safely
# Dependable: this knife is easy to admission and reliable
# Durable: Its blade is made of the reliable 4034 black
# Glasses are united at the end of the portable knife

1. Safety lock which guarantees that the blade is safe when you close
2. Serrated blade
3. It works great
4. Easy to sharpen
5. Very quick issue and feel comfortable in the hand

1. Look a little bulky to some people
2. The pocket clip got a tad loose

If you are looking for the best folding knife, then get smith and Wesson.

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4. CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT Squid Folding Pocket KnifeIf you are looking for the best folding pocket knife, then we have CRKT squid, which a straight edge of the utility knife. I trust this knife will solve your issues. This knife you can carry every day anywhere you go. It’s little for the compact hunk for the metal; that is why it is not shy when showing off the unseen potential. You can take the benefit of this type of folding knife and forget to purchase or replace it with another one soon.

This knife comes with black stonewash, which enhances the protection and durability of the knife. This Squid arises one of the best knives if you compare to others in term of the affordability. Better to own this type of knife that can work for you great. This folding knife is slightly heavier weight since it is made of metal. The weight of this knife could be damaging or right according to your preferred performance.

CRKT Squid has a short blade that will offer you generous of the average amount. If you prefer to have an EDC clipper inside your pocket, then take this knife. It has a great design and functional blade design that makes it a better and friendly pocket.

Key Features:
# Designed by Lucas Burnley in Orleans, Massachusetts
# Black Stonewash Varnish
# On Blade Friction Grooves for Grip
# Low Profile Pocket Clip
# Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any flaws in materials or craft.

1. The blade is centered and cuts well.
2. Comfortable
3. CRKT makes quality knives
4. Tight clip
5. The quality is excellent.

1. Not recommendable for keychain use because of the insufficient locking
2. The blade is light and hard whip open

Would you like to take this folding knife home with you?

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5. Ontario RAT1 Folder

Ontario RAT1 FolderThis is another best folding pocket knife we selected. The knife is super designed just for comfortability and performance with an index finger. You can handle this knife to keep your hand safe from the accident. You can clean it easily for whatever task you do. This could be your choice if you like removable pocket clips and well texture.

Ontario built its reputation just for the heritage of the inflexible of craftsmanship. The quality made of the handle material is one of the best of all. He handles strength to be flat and hard, then the light texturing and shape it comfortable and calm to grip. Blade shape kinds cutting and reducing very easy while absorbent some asset at the tip as well.

It comes with a four-position pocket clip that means you can carry it easily. Its handle features black texture nylon. The knife is healthy and of high quality. This could be one of the most comfortable knives to use and clean. We suggest this type of folding knife to try and see yourself the results.

Key Features:
# Knife closed length
# Solid construction
# Multiple clip positioning points
# The shape of the knife is very ergonomic
# AUS-8 steel
# Razor-sharp correct out of the packet

1. Super sharp out of the box
2. Easy to sharpen
3. Sturdy pocket clip
4. Great liner lock
5. Handle material is comfortable

1. It’s too heavy for a pocket knife; the liners should be drilled out
2. The scales need a little more grip for my taste

If you are looking for the top folding pocket knife on our list, then consider Ontario RAT1.

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6. Benchmade – North Fork

Benchmade - North ForkBenchmade is one of the best folding knives available in the market. This knife is made explicitly for hunting purposes. If you are not looking for a knife to hunt, then this is not the right folding knife for you. Since its design is lightweight, you can carry any place you go. I can recommend this type of knife for anyone looking for a hunting pocket knife for hunting.

This knife has a deep carry clip just for the desirable EDC knife. You can consider this knife over the other if you like visiting bushes. But the handle of the knife looks fading, and its clips screws are losing. The screw will make it easy for you to remove. This handle shape works fine, and the finger well keeps me where I need to be just fine.

The blade of the knife is sharp. That is why most hunters look for this knife due to sharpness and not easy to blunt. Its clip is snug, which is easy to fix. Since it is made of wood and is lightweight and enough for use with EDC.

Key Features:
# Wood handle for stabilization
# Specifically for hunting
# Well designed with an axis
# Made with a stainless steel blade

1. The sharp blade that holds edges
2. Easy to carry in the pocket
3. Very easy to open
4. Act as an extra security
5. Affordable price

1. The color of the handle appears fading
2. Clip broke easily

Take advantage of this folding knife.

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7. Sog Cashcard Folding Knife

Sog Cashcard Folding KnifeSoga is one of the best manufactures that produce a high-quality folding knife. It has a downright cold tactical for the calm and hunting gear. This knife is made for the translucent FRCP injection of the molded lightweight scales.

Sog folding knife money clip used for carrying both cash and knife easily from your pocket. Its blade is flat and lightweight, which is stable enough for your work. The clips are durable hence will hold the bill and money tightly. If you are looking for a lightweight knife, then consider this one. The knife is stainless steel that looks nice.

Access the edge with a brisk flick of the thumb or surrender it to uncover a couple of dollar notes. It’s a flexible structure and just expected for individuals who need to move flawlessly from nature to the store.

At the lower end of our value go, the SOG Pocket Knife Money Clip is a brilliant expansion to any wardrobe

Key Features:
# Pocket money clip
# Ultra-strong stainless steel
# Made USA

1. Easy for accessing both money and knife
2. Lightweight
3. Durable
4. Smart to carry what you want
5. Affordable price

1. It does not have a color choice
2. Some sog may be turned off

If you want a lightweight and money clip, then take Sog Cashcard Folding Knife.

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8. Buck Knives QuickFire

Buck Knives QuickFireIf you are looking for a folding knife that is not super sharp, we recommend Buck knives. These knives are worthy of your money due to the quality one of the most comfortable knives foldable to carry in the pocket. You can open this knife with only one hand. The knives are available with black handle.

This knife was made with a mid-lock design that rotates your blade easy and provides the knife’s durability and strength for your safety. It was sharp accurate out of the box when it came. After a few hours of effort, it’s today.

The handle is produced using plastic, yet exceptionally extreme plastic, as should be obvious being remarked by numerous client commentators. Instead of a metal one, the plastic handle is the motivation behind why it’s lighter than different comparative size blades.

Much like the Buck Bones, which is the primary survey on this rundown, this blade has a lifetime guarantee. So you can supplant or have it fixed whenever.

Key Features:
# Made USA
# The razor is sharp and versatile
# Weight: 3.59 Ounces
# User-adjustable pivot screw
# Descent Edge Retention

1. Reliable
2. Comfortable thumb stud
3. Affordable price
4. Great clip design, which allows the knife to sit low in the pocket.
5. Easy to operate

1. Blade become dull after some time
2. Hard to hold with wet

Would like to own this type of folding knives.

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9. Katsu Bamboo

Katsu BambooKatsu still the new manufacture of the knife. But it does an excellent job for the folding pocket knives today. The look of the knife is attractive to many users. The handle of the Bamboo is significantly thicker. If you love the sold knife, Katsu is one of the essential reliable available markets.

I don’t have any idea that traditionalists’ opinions of their stuff; however, talking as somebody attached to take cuts and loses little blades very quickly, I can say without disgrace that I appreciate being belittled this way.

This specific model misses the mark regarding what you’d trust it would be practically speaking. It has all the vibe of a rich, modernized Higinokami, and it fills in as a great honorable man convey to pack around town. There are only a couple of unusual components that don’t precisely cooperate all around ok to make it the fantastic spending blade it could have been.

Key Features:
# 5-Inch shut, Total Length 7.5 inches
# Carefully assembled D2 Tool Steel Knife with Double Bevel Blade
# Bamboo Style G10 Handle Knife with Pocket Clip
# Top-notch Modern Higonokami. Very much Built and Beautiful!

1. Very sharp
2. Durable
3. Lightweight
4. Easy to use and clean
5. Unique look

1. The blade will dull quickly with heavy use
2. Terrible hammer

If you are looking for the best folding, then take this one.

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10. Benchmade – Mini Griptilian

Benchmade - Mini GriptilianThe last top folding pocket knife on our list is the Benchmade. This knives is one of the expenses you will get in the market but best due to its quality. It’s a diverse design of the pocket. We accept that the vast majority will be more than happy with the CRKT Drifter, however on the off chance that you

With regards to manual high performing folding knives, the smaller than expected Griptilian folding knife takes the day. The 556 EDC plan makes it the best collapsing folding knife; it is flexible and versatile, all things being equal extraordinary for both inside and outside.

This American structure has a few one of a kind highlights to gloat. Take significant consideration of your blades and need one with premium contacts; the Mini Griptilian is excellent speculation. The mini Griptilian derives in at under 7 inches when entirely lengthy and weighs about 2.5 oz. The handle is secret as “Polymer,” which is an elaborate word for recreated plastic.

Key Features:
# Additionally, they likewise come in hues to suit the various tastes and inclinations
# Impervious to erosion; made of excellent treated steel that is consumption safe
# Elite is upheld by the primary edge maintenance, handle and edge thickness
# Convenient; has a delivery weight of 4.6 ounces
# Standard clasp; reversible tip-up cut that can turn from left to right
# Locking sharp edge; doesn’t have a spring help opening.

1. Lightweight
2. Comfortable
3. Sturdy and easy to carry
4. Razor is sharp
5. Durable due to its quality

1. Smaller
2. Not affordable to all people

For quality and comfort, take advantage of this folding knife.

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Buying guide of the best folding pocket knife in 2020

This is the most crucial part if you are still confused about the top ten reviews we provided. This section will discuss some of the factors you should consider before buying the folding knife.

Since there are many knives to compete from the market, we believe our list has the best option for you. Before you choose one, there are few things to consider on this list.


The size of the knife you choose will depend on its purpose. The list we provided has a small knife that can fulfill a few practical things in your performance job. So you need to check the size of the knife before making the decision.

Also, check your hands if you are large, then don’t go for the smallest knife before making your final decision. Ask yourself if the knife you selected is the best fit for your job so that you buy what will help you.


When choosing a knife, the material made of is an essential thing to look for before buying. The durability and higher you pay for your folding material will depend on the material’s quality.

Some of the material is reinforced to make them last longer. But what you need to check is the folding knife that delivers the best for durability.


The price of the best folding knife will depend on your pocket. Before purchasing, ask for the price first and see your budget range. Therefore it is essential to select what you paid for, so checking the budget price is essential.


You need to select a design that is best for the user. Selecting which design to consider will depends on the taste. Therefore, it’s essential to look for what works perfectly for you. Make sure you choose the best design that you are fascinating in.

Locking mechanism

This is another essential locking mechanism you need to check. For the locking mechanism, you will get a model that is easy to deploy. Therefore, a folding knife with a locking mechanism is supposed to have a clean and friendly blade. Check the one you think will great of use with you.


The folding knife’s weight performs an essential role since it can affect the performance of your knife. Most people need a knife that they can carry everywhere there go. Therefore, when buying a folding knife, pick a lightweight one.


An excellent folding pocket knife is what you need. You don’t have to spend much of your time buying an expensive knife, and we have the best list and reviews of the best folding knife. All the folding knife we selected are comfortable and great to use. We believe these reviews, if the top ten folding knives, will help you a lot. Make your decision now for checking the best one that fits you the most.

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