Best Way To Clean Carpets At Home

Best Way To Clean Carpets At Home

Carpet increase beauty of our home. We use carpet at home not only increase its beauty but also it gives safety for us. We use carpet for decorating our home. Using carpet safely you should clean it regularly. Carpet very tends to attract bacteria, mold, dirt, stains, mites, fleas, carpet bugs and animal hair.  You should proper care for your carpet to prevent these bacteria, mold, dirt, stains, mites, fleas, carpet bugs and animal hair. Here we discuss some important steps to prevent these things.

Best Way To Clean Carpets At Home

Vacuuming regularly

To clean carpets at home vacuum should be done several times a week. But vacuum should be done every day when you have a pet i.e cat or dog etc. in your house. The vacuum sucks up dirt i.e bacteria, mold, dirt, stains, mites, fleas, carpet bugs and animal hair within the carpet fiber. When you vacuum your carpet you should know the proper technique of using it. Then you can clean your carpet in a good way. If you vacuuming regularly it keeps your carpet clean. It also keeps your carpet looking nice and smelling fresh.

Use a clean cloth or paper towel

When spills soak into your carpet it much complicated to remove the residue and it dry makes is much harder. In this case, use a clean cloth or paper towels to absorb the spill. Then you can use baking powder over the area and let it rest for 15 minutes. After completely dry of the spills vacuuming should be done properly. You should add a little club soda sprinkling on the baking soda when the carpet spilled by wine or another colorful liquid.

Use plastic carpet protector mats

Sometimes we use carpet our front door, kitchen or others areas that face a lot of traffic. These areas carpet protecting is very difficult. So, protecting those areas with throw plastic carpet protector mats should be used.  Plastic carpet protector mats should be also used in hallways which have a lot of foot traffic.

Use carpet cleaner for deep cleaning

Using a carpet cleaner is the best way to remove the deepest strains and toughest odor from your carpet. Firstly you should buy a best carpet cleaning machine from the home and garden stores, especially vacuuming or carpet stores. You should also buy it from online market stores. After buying this you should know about how to use it. You can see its user manual or you can hire a professional to get help. Firstly you should vacuum the carpet by sweeping the dirtiest parts of the carpet. You can use stain remover solution for deep cleaning instead of using vinegar. Then you should add water and cleaning solution to the machine. Lastly, plug in the machine and clean your carpet.

Removing older strains

Sometimes you faced with an old stain such as old wine or coffee stain. In this case, you get panic, don’t panic. Follow the right method for removing older stains you can easily remove that kind stain. Firstly you should use a bottle full of vinegar then lightly spray the stained area. Secondly, wipe it with a clean cloth. If the stain is very deep then you should firstly saturate the area with a carpet cleaner or vinegar secondly sprinkle with baking soda and let it rest for drying and lastly vacuum the area. If your carpet is lighter you cleaned by applying a mixture of lemon and salt. You should remember some cautions when you remove the older stains such as- Try to avoid scrubbing, it damages the carpet fiber. A proper amount of vinegar, water or any other liquid should be used. Don’t use much vinegar water or any other liquid. If you follow the right method for removing older stains then the stains must be removed and it keeps your carpet looking nice and fresh.

Removing odors from your carpet

Sometimes you should clean your carpet to remove odors from your carpet. To remove odor you should be vacuuming it first. You should prepare the odor-removal mixture. Before vacuuming you should sweep it first with a broom. It works for lift the fibers and loosens the dirt that holds your carpet then it ready for vacuuming. The odor-removal mixture composed of 1 cup borax, 2 cups cornmeal and ½ cup baking soda. Mix these ingredients properly in a bowl. After properly mixing then fill a spray bottle with a solution of vinegar and water (Half vinegar and half water). After complete mixing then you should spray the strained or smelly areas. After spraying the odor-removal mixture sprinkle the cornmeal mixture over the carpet and let the mixture rest on the carpet for an hour. Some caution you should take in mind. Firstly spread the mixture evenly around the carpet, secondly focus the strained areas, thirdly keep children and pets out of the room while spraying the mixture, fourthly use a proper amount of powder that is needed and don’t use more powder, fifthly you should leave the room after sprinkling the powder. At last, you should vacuum the carpet several times to clean up the cornmeal mixture.

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