Best Way To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet

Best Way To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet

Best Way To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet: We all love our dogs. Dogs are usually the best pets. But every now and then dogs urinate on the carpet. For pet lovers, this is the worst thing that could happen to them. After the accident, all you want is to remove the urine and its odor from the carpet. Don’t worry this guide will provide you with a detailed method to get rid of the urine and its bad smell.

Best Way To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet


Prevention is the best policy. Before you start cleaning your carpet you must investigate why this accident is happening in the first place. You need to identify factors that force your dog to behave like this.

Letting the dogs out for fresh air is essential. May be dog’s need to get the air has not been fulfilled. Your dog might be facing a medical issue or still trying to get hold of the practice to pee at the right place. Find out the main reason.

Dogs have a significant sense of smell. They can scent the odor of urine. This smell forces them to urinate at the place of the odor. If your pet is visiting the place of the accident repeatedly then it is better to get the help of professional cleaners.

After understanding the reasons now we can start looking at the ways to remove urine.


Primarily, it’s crucial to tidy up the dog pee the minute that you see it. Newer smudges are simpler to deal with and clean. It does not count how problematic it could be at the moment, it is always reasonable to wash it early than delay.


  • Use a lot of soap in the area of the accident. Various dog holders utilize a mixture of different items including newspapers, books, paper towels, and rags. Coat the paper towels first on the urine, paper towels should be vast enough to obstruct the newspaper from reaching the carpet instantly. Pertain stress to absorb as much fluid as possible.
  • After this wash out the urine area with clean water. Utilize additional paper towels to absorb the washed water.
  • Now sprinkle the urine area with vinegar. Because Vinegar has a pH of nearly 2.4 that is why it is very acidic. It is an innate antibacterial purifier. Vinegar is inexpensive, pet protected, eco-friendly, it can also remove dirt from your carpets.
  • Mix the vinegar with soda. The combination will foam on connection. Coat with a paper towel for a day, and then wash out.
  • Enzymatic cleaner is another good choice to eliminate the dog urine. These are accessible at pet stores. It has several incredible advantages. Read the indications carefully before using it.


Your dog has urinated. Your carpet has an awful tint now. You’re thinking about getting rid of it. Pet stain remover is a good choice if you are not worried about money. Buy a good quality remover from your nearby store. Renting a carpet cleaning machine is another valid alternative.

There are two homemade remedies too.

  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar and baking soda

Dish Soap:

  • Blend dish soap with one glass of hot water. Mix it well to create suds.
  • Sprinkle the sudsy water onto the area where the stain is.  After this stain should be moistened.
  • Dry the place of the accident with a paper towel. Eliminate fluids thoroughly, use a vacuum.
  • Rehearse points 1-3. Finish when you are satisfied with the outcome.

MIX Vinegar AND Baking Soda:

  • Blend one portion vinegar and one portion water.
  • Smudge the urine tint with a cloth. It should be moistened with the vinegar fluid. Squeeze hard to toil thick into the tint.
  • Spray portion of the vinegar mixture immediately onto the accidental area where the stain is.
  • Brush the mixture utilizing a brush.
  • Smudge the stain and dry it with a paper towel.
  • Assign baking soda to the affected area where the stain is. After this leave a tiny coating.
  • Blend hydrogen peroxide with dish soap. Blend completely.
  • Sprinkle some of the above mixture onto the stain and brush it.
  • Wait for the stained area to dry. Don’t leave any solution to it.
  • Utilize a Black Light to trace stains on your carpet if they are hard to find.
  • These stains are not visible to the naked eye. You might find them only because of the bad smell. On dark carpets, it is even harder to trace them. You can trace them with the help I ultraviolet light (black light).
  • Start with vacuum your carpet. Remove dirt or any fur.
  • Now turn off the lights and make the room dark.
  • Wear safety goggles.
  • Now scan the carpet thoroughly. You will see dull green spots in black light.
  • Use tape to point out the affected area.
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