How Does A Leaf Blower Work

How Does A Leaf Blower Work

How Does A Leaf Blower Work: A leaf blower is a useful device if you want to remove a lot of accumulated leaves. It can complete your set of equipment to maintain your courtyard. It can make your life much easier especially during the fall when a lot of leaves can come down as winter approaches. Sweeping can be hard sometimes if there a too many leaves and a big courtyard. A leaf blower can make it much easier as it uses power of air to blow away the leaves from your lawn.

How Does A Leaf Blower Work

Leaf blowers can be of different types. There are some gas-powered leaf blowers and some of them use combination of gas and oil to work. There are also electrical powered leaf blowers which come with a chord and uses direct electrical supply as a power source and there can be other electrical leaf blowers which use battery as a power source.

We can look into some of the methods which these leaf blowers follow to work.

Now you want to know how these different models of leaf blowers’ work. They are an example of good creativity and it can be quite easy to understand how they work.

Centrifugal force:

  • You may have heard about centripetal force or centre pulling force. Centripetal force has the ability to pull the objects towards its centre. It can be created by rotating a ball attached to a string or turning a ground due to friction of car wheels and surface. In these cases objects is drawn to the centre of rotation and force responsible for that is centripetal force.
  • A leaf blower works exactly opposite of this phenomenon as it requires moving objects that are leaves for the leaf blower away from it so it uses centrifugal force.
  • Centrifugal force has tendency to move the objects away from the center of motion.

How centrifugal force works in a leaf blower:

  • As we already know that centrifugal force has the tendency to move the objects away from it. So there must be something which is responsible to generate that force.
  • In case of a leaf blower centrifugal force is generated by fast rotating frame which turns quickly to move objects away from it.

Dependence of centrifugal force:

  • Now you always want your leaf blower to work quickly and generate more air. This can depend on few factors.
  • If the frequency of rotation of the fan of a leaf blower is higher than it produces more centrifugal force which means more air and leaves can be blown away easier.
  • The centrifugal force also depends on the size of frame, blades of fan with smaller length can produce greater force due to less radius of circular motion. It can also help leaf blower to make things easier.
  • The amount of force which a leaf blower can produce also depends on the mass of the blades of fan. Greater mass of the object means greater centrifugal force and it can improve the ability of a leaf blower to blow away leaves.

How does a leaf blower works:

  • Now we are actually aware of centrifugal force. We can see now how it works in a leaf blower.

Leaf blowers come with a ventilator in the back:

  • Leaf blowers are designed such that they have a ventilator in backside.
  • When you start a ventilator and blades of the fan start moving. They start sucking in air through that ventilator.

Moving air into the narrow funnel:

  • Once the air is moved in then it will be pushed into the narrow funnel.
  • Now we know that when air moves from a wider region to a narrow region it speeds up, same phenomenon is used in in this case.
  • The air comes in because of the centrifugal force that is applied to the air.
  • From the design of the machine it is can be clearly seen that the front end of the leaf blower is much narrower that the back.
  • As the centrifugal force will cause greater volume of surrounding air to move in and then it will be pushed through the narrow funnel of the leaf blower.
  • Some models of leaf blowers can push air out with the speed up to 200 mph.
  • The greater speed of the air can blow away leaves efficiently.

How does electric powered lawn mowers work?

  • An electric powered lawn mower uses electricity as source of power. They are environment friendly as they produce minimum of noise.
  • They can be much lighter than gas powered leaf blowers and easy to use.

Corded leaf blowers:

  • An electric leaf blower follows the same principle as a gasoline leaf blower as it also uses the concept of centrifugal force to suck the air in and then move it out with greater force through a narrow funnel.
  • The power supply of corded leaf blowers can be a direct outlet where you can simply plug in the switch.

Battery driven leaf blowers:

  • There are some models of electric leaf blowers which use battery as a power source.
  • They also work on the same principle as other leaf blowers.
  • Electric leaf blowers can be much quieter and cheap. They are also easy to maintain but they can be relatively less powerful than the gas leaf blowers.

Speed of the air coming out depends on nozzle:

  • The outlet nozzle can play important role in the speed of air moving out.
  • Different leaf blowers can come in nozzles of different sizes depending on the design.
  • These nozzles can help to concentrate the air coming out of the blower to a fixed path.
  • Different lengths of nozzle can have different applications

It also depends on the power of motor.

  • A motor is a driving part of the device. The efficiency of machine can depend hugely on the capacity of motor.
  • You can choose a leaf blower according to size of lawn and your needs and they can all come with different motors.

Final Thought:

A leaf blower works following some basic principles of science. They come in good variety from gas powered to electric powered and with cord or battery. You can always go for the one best suited for your needs. They all do have some advantages and disadvantages.

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