How Much Electricity Does A Space Heater Use

How Much Electricity Does A Space Heater Use

How Much Electricity Does A Space Heater Use: An electric heater can bring all the difference of room temperatures within minutes. In winter, it removes the pain of shaking bones. But do you ever think how much electricity cost a space heater?

How Much Electricity Does A Space Heater Use

How much cost it brings?

Many house owners are looking for alternative ways to make savings from the electricity bill of space heater. It has become very difficult in harsh winter season. It can be expensive to run and it is less efficient than general furnace heating. If you are in a single room you can use space heater but for the whole building, it will become expensive.

The first way of finding how much energy an electric space heater uses is to find the wattage. User manuals carry the documents of the use and it’s per hour wattage. Different size and different types of space heater consume different units of electricity. The electric unit will totally depend on the types and working capability.

Most of the electric heaters consume 1500 watts. Some electric heaters consume slightly high or some slightly less. Let assume we think on an average people use electric heater 1500 watts. We know that 1000 watt is equal to 1kwh. So it simply means that it uses 1.5kwh.

Normally electric bill is based on kwh. So it is the measurement system of electric bill. It means that if anyone use a space heater for an hour, it will consume 1kwh. To figure the electric bill we have to use formula.

The formula is easy. We have to multiply the watt with the using hours. For example, we can say that if we use space electric heater for 10 hours, we will multiply the watt with using 10 hours.


Now we have to divide the number with 1000


So this is the unit. The government fixed the price of electric unit. Let assume government has fixed .6$ per watt. So the price will be


But some people use solar system and they don’t have to consider the electric bill. But the calculation of first step will give the idea how much current need a space heater.

Now if we think there are five or six rooms in a house, the space heater will cost 25/30 $ per day and at the end of the month it will cost 750/900$ per day. It is actually a very concerning to every people because a basic necessity of people is too much expensive. Whether they have to suffer or they have to find an alternative way for surviving the cool breeze or winter.

Types of electric heaters

Coil heaters: it is kind of heater that totally depends on coil. Coil is made of metal that conduct electricity. It is like a lamp filament and when a current flow through it, it glows red hot and convert the electrical energy passing through it into heat. So it radiates the heat through the room.

Infrared heaters: a infrared heater is a body with higher temperature which transfers energy to a body of lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation.

Both heaters are safe and almost consume same amount of energy but everyone should maintain the safety procedures.

How to minimize the electricity bill?

You can use a programmable thermostat to measure the current temperature of the room. It will give you the required comfort and save the extra electricity bill. It is a smart solution of the problem.

You can insulate your room properly. Because the proper insulation helps to keep the room temperature of people’s desire. So proper insulation will decrease the use of heater.

You can wear comfortable clothing to maintain your body temperature.

You can use electric heater in your preferable room. If we consider the previous calculation, it is clear that it is more cheap to use electric heater in one important room. It will save the cost. Furthermore, we can say that it will cost 30$ for the whole house on average calculation but using for one room, it will cost only 5$ on average. You can also use it in a limited time for avoiding the extra cost.

You can also install solar panel for minimizing the electricity cost. It is also better for the environment. Solar system is also an easy procedure to avoid the electricity bill.

There is an another way to minimize the bill. If you want to save money and energy you should lower your thermostat and heat your room with a space heater. According to the department of energy another way to save as much as 10% on energy and cost is to turn your thermostat back 7 or 10 degree Fahrenheit for every hour per day. So it is very useful solution to minimize the electric cost.

Final thoughts

We have seen above that an electric heater is an essential thing to all those people who face winter badly. Because in winter season life becomes hell without electric space heater. Some specific region of the world is mostly covered with ice and it remains sometimes 8/9 months in a year. So people of this region can’t think a single moment without electric heater. For the surviving reason, they have to use the heater all the time but it is easy to understand that it consumes much electricity and it is almost unaffordable to poor or needy people.

To solve this problem, people have to be strategic. There is a lot of discussion above how can we avoid the extra electric bill. We can easily avoid by using tricks. You can use heater for only one room, the required one. You have to bear in mind that you have to use the heater in limited time. You see how electric bills calculated so it is easy to understand that if you use less heater, the electric bill will be not rising. You can also upgrade the insulation system. For the very specific reason you have to use electric heater wisely.