How To Carry A Handbag


How to carry a handbag

Introduction: Many of us agree that a handbag is a very significant design declaration and completion accessory. Our tastes and priorities may vary from the Birkin to our new flea market, but our attempts to pick the best bag will stay the same. But not all of us thought about how to put our picked bag twice. It may sound like a random option, but it’s all for you that you chose to reveal your bag or hold it over your shoulder.

How to carry a handbag

Keep reading and you will know about how to carry a handbag. So, let’s get started.

The position to hold:

It isn’t a spontaneous choice if you enjoy seeing it in your hand, elbow, or back. This has a lot to tell about our inherent personalities, according to body language researchers. To find out just what secret message we might decode in the way we portray our famous product, we spoke to Patti Wood, a body language specialist and a speaker.

She has been reading, writing books, and speaking body language for more than 30 years. “The action of the wallet fascinates me,” Wood says. “Wallets are the identity of gender: a way of showing your condition, taste, creativity, and personality.”

Take in one shoulder, close to body:

You are realistic, and you need time to trust new people. You’re someone who does stuff and doesn’t waste your time and resources on small things and faintness. That can lead to fear of new things or low self-esteem because you have a propensity to keep your bag near.

Take in one shoulder by swinging freely: 

You take life as it is random, carefree. People regard you as a trustworthy person who has some independence in their lives. You do not choose brand names or brands, but choose pieces that highlight your personality.

On your elbow: 

You put and respect your rank and authority on a list. You may also have a bag that you want to display with an expensive tag. You may be called a particular person, but you know what you want and choose to continue with. It is a typical style, especially when they flaunt huge designer sacks for stars and celebrities.

With your hands:

This implies that the consistency is more complicated. These individuals are typically self-confident, well-coordinated, and effective. It also ensures that you focus more on yourself and your wardrobe than on comfort and appearance.

Hold with both hands:

This style demonstrates shyness and the need to defend oneself according to experts. You may also be socially insecure and tend to keep out of sight. It may even arise if you don’t meet that many people or are in a different and unfamiliar area.

Make the bag crossed in front of the body:

Like a bird, you want to be free and easy access to your house. He refers to a person who needs not to be burdened, to travel across the world. Many busy townsmen want to do cross-body practice. You will see

Use back over the shoulder:

You are calm, comfortable, collected, and you have faith in others. You don’t care about yourself too much and live comfortably and relaxed. Your mind spends more on your goals or intent than on superficial things like possessions.

One or two shoulders backpack:

You are self-sufficient and tend to look after yourself. You also love to be comfortable and ready for any scenario in your life. You are the most trustworthy and lead a healthy lifestyle in your group of friends. You don’t keep up with patterns or decide yourself.


When you forget the bag, this means that others are bearing the load on you. This guy is the one who trusts himself most of all; you have a ton that you shouldn’t bring a pack. On the other side, you might feel entirely comfortable and may want to walk easily. In this situation, it means, according to Wood, you are highly favorable in your appearance, and, as opposed to stuff you wear, you want to be identified by who you are.

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