How To Choose Air Filter

How To Choose Air Filter

How To Choose Air Filter: What is an air filter? Air filters are very similar to humans, and they usually do not crack or make noise, that’s why nobody thinks about them. But it’s an essential component of your AC system; it not only works to clean up your machinery but also to keep the air indoors clean by collecting pollutants like dust, pollen, fungal spores, and animal fur.

How To Choose Air Filter

When is the perfect time to change them? They must periodically be replaced or changed every 1-3 months, as with any filter. Spring is the best time to replace/change them because windy weeks mean shut down homes and recirculated dirt, mostly dusty with debris.

  • Select the right air filter:

Different equipment needs multiple filters, and air filters are ordinary for different purposes.

  • Cheap quality air filters:

Washable filters can be cleaned and reused, as suggested by their brand’s name. That is the most significant benefit of them. However, they have a low MERV rating since they are meant to shield them from big dust particles, but not pet dander, bacteria or smoke. They will also grow additional fungi and bacteria if not correctly looked for it.

It does not reuse fiberglass filters; they are cheap and easy to repair. They have a lower MERV ranking and are more loyal than indoor air to keep the air conditioning hot.

  • Enhanced quality air filters:

The Pleated and polyester filters have a slightly stronger MERV rating but are comparable to the fiberglass filters. If fiberglass filters clean less than 10% of internal irritants, pleated / polyester filters will clean up to 85%. They are outstanding when they capture particles of dust.

HEPA filters are more than 99 percent of all airborne agents and particularly suitable for people with extreme allergies or for use in hospitals, which are the costliest filters. Their filtration’s high efficiency has a drawback-it will literally obstruct airflow and potentially damage your home HVAC system.

Size and pattern of the filter:

You need to know both the filter size that matches your air system and the model before you start selecting a particular form of filter. It is essential to know how big your filter is, so you want to suit it. Additionally, you don’t want to lose money by selecting the wrong filter size. Most filters are only impressed on one side, although this is often a rounded dimension, and the filters are often sliced up to half an inch. To ensure exact measurements, use tape, and calculate the filter height, width, and depth.

Knowing the filter model is also essential. You will easily find the filter that you want by learning the setup. Several Aftermarket Filters are appropriate for individual models, and you have to consider which filters are ideal for which models when looking at a vast range of filters.

Find between original and fake:

Such manufacturers make air filters that complement such brand designs and are known as original filters. As we can say, Aprilaire manufactures original Aprilaire air-systems filters. Aftermarket filters are filters made and designed for other brands from other organizations.

For instance, Accumulaire filters developed for use on Aprilaire air systems are provided by Aftermarket filters are manufactured in a manner compatible with original filters and give the same consistency at lower rates.


Of course, when picking a filter, then there are some financial concerns. How much is a reasonable quality filter price? The cost depends on the filter you pick, whether it’s original or non-original, and the filter size. The higher the rating and the bigger the filter, then the price becomes also higher.

Moreover, not all filters have the perfect sizes as you want. You may not find the particular length of the filter category you like, and you can order it, in which case the price is generally marginally higher. However, remember one thing, while high-quality filters are marginally more costly than low-cost fiberglass filters, they are worth the money to improve air quality and ensure the correct operation of the air system.

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