How to Clean a High Chair

How to Clean a High Chair

Introduction to how to clean a high chair: It’s really important to keep high chairs clean and there are many bugs in a filthy highchair. Indeed, 60% of high-floor food trays contained coliform bacteria-feces bacteria, raw foods, dirt, or rough vegetables-in a 2007 report by the Hygiene Council. So, cleaning them is also crucial for toddlers.

Keep reading, and you will know about how to clean a high chair. So, let’s get started.

How to Clean a High Chair in 2020

Is cleaning important?

You have to clean the highchair frequency, but we recommend that the highchair tray be wiped every couple of days after each meal, wiped or brushed off the seat, and cleaned up the entire chair more thoroughly. About a month at least.

Beware of the hot spots in filthy highchairs where moisture and garbage most frequently stagnate. You should select a high chair that is convenient, stable, enduring, and easy to fold when looking at the best high chairs.

Which products should use for cleaning? 

You can certainly extract the persistent dried food and destroy bacteria if you plan to use a regular kitchen chemicals spray, but then you can wash it down with clean water and remove the residual cleaning agents left there. Hard chemically washing agents should not subject babies and young children to very sensitive skin.

Several people prefer white distilled vinegar and lemon juice to people who would prefer natural food items. Both are in fact acidic that ensures that bacteria cannot survive in such an environment. Likewise, a few drops of tea oil will help kill bacteria in a stream of water.

Try mixing a paste made from lemon juice with soda bicarbonate to make marks and stains that need to be slightly grated with your elbows. This is a liquid deodorant and abrasive stain remover.

Cleaning the seat of the high chair:

Whatever the cover your child is, food in your highchair’s seat inevitably gets stuck. If the feeder is made of plastic, search first to uninstall and wash the unit-that saves you a lot of time and effort. Be sure to follow the washing directions so that the cloth does not break and fit back on the cushion.

If the cloth seat cannot be cleaned, catch the crumbs with a small vacuum cleaner hose, and attempt to reach the seat’s crevices as thoroughly as possible. Then clean the wet, soapy water from any soiled or dirty portion.

Many contemporary upholstered chairs have a comfortable, easy-to-wash, rubber, or plastic cushion. When this part of the chair emerges from the chair’s principal plastic component, make sure to scrub them up, as there might be food and bacteria trapped.

Cleaning the straps of the high chair:

High chair belts are hard to maintain, particularly since many of them also have a very pale color, which makes them easy to stain. Look for high chairs with dark belts or reversible towels that can be placed with the padded cushion in the laundry machine.

Many high chairs have removable straps that can be left with bleach or detergent in the washing basket. When you brush them with chlorine, ensure that they are thoroughly rinsed until they are joined again. If you can’t pull the belts off, all of the parents we’ve spoken to swear by the bicarbonate soda and lemon juice. Wrap it in the belt for an hour, and then rinse it clean with a stiff nail brush or rusty toothbrush. A regular laundry stain remover may also be used, fixed once again, and cleaned clean.

Many high chairs have reusable covers, which ensures that you can pull the tray out, pour food, and place it in the dishwasher. Other highchairs have removable racks to make the sink more comfortable to remove and clean.


When weaning, it is essential to have a bib and help clean the high chair. In the end, bibs with a raised lip-called a crumb trap-will help grab any food that might have slipped into your infant’s lap.

However, in order to stop food from getting to the table, bibs should be attached to the tray directly and the distance between the tray and the infant is fully covered.

If we can follow the instructions above, anyone can clean a high chair very quickly.

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