How To Clean BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

How To Clean BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

How To Clean BISSELL Carpet Cleaner: It is essential to maintain your Bissell carpet cleaner in a good state. You should follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for maintaining and cleaning it. Rinse vertical and mobile machines just after using it. In case of vertical and canister carpet cleaner wash out the muddy water tank right after use. After using your cleaner for wet cleaning; it’s better to clean all parts of your cleaner. When filters of your cleaner are clearly dirty then immediately wash them out.

How To Clean BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

Ways of Cleaning an Upright Cleaner

  • After using the machine clean it every time. Put warm water in the tank. Your cleaner should be set to elevated traffic. Handle should be in recline stance. For few seconds press the spray button and move the cleaner backward and forwards. Repeat the same process after a short period and move the cleaner backwards and forwards. Now acquit the trigger and vacuum without spraying. The machine should stop functioning.
  • Leftover solution can stiffen the spray decks. That is why rinsing them with hot water will solve this issue.
  • Keep vacuuming the carpet even after drying to remove dry dirt.
  • It is better to clean the machine before you store it.
  • The next step is to wash out the hosiery. To clean the hose put clean water through a pot or tap. After cleaning the hose stretch it out to clear the water.
  • To properly clean out the cleaner it is important not only to empty the tank but also wash them out. To complete this procedure first turn off and unclog the cleaner. Fasten the power cord up safely. Empty the tank into a sink and wash it out with warm water. You wash the bladder completely and leave no area unwashed. Wash out the red filter to clear any dirt in it. To clean the top area of the tank put water in the nozzle.
  • If your cleaner has two tanks then wash it out in the same way just like the first tank.
  • In this step, you should rinse the bottom nozzle by removing it out. Wash it out with warm water under the tap. Fluid connection levels should be washed with a tiny paperclip. Discard the nozzle first. With the help of related holes and with proper alignment replace the nozzle. Settle the edge tops and nozzle back on the cleaner’s bottom and pin it by twisting the keys. After this whirl the locking keys to eliminate the bottom nozzle.
  • To eliminate waste from the brush rolls wipe out any hair or other waste. Make sure with your hand that brush spins without any problems. If there is still some waste then loose the screws to remove the brush roll.
  • If you are unable to eliminate the brush roll, consult with any professional or read the user manual.
  • Brush covers can also be removed and washed in a similar way as above.
  • Remove all attachments of your cleaner and wash and clean it with tap water. After washing wait for them to dry.
  • At the back of the cleaner, you will find the diverter. Remove its housing after losing the screws. Wash it underwater to clear the dirt and waste. After it dries-out it back in place. Washing the diverter will help you against clogs in the future.

Ways of Clean With a Portable Cleaner

  • After every use wash out the hose with water. Clean the interior by turning it on and suction water. In case of a hose lift it for some time to drain out the water into the dirty tank.
  • After stopping the machine clean the dirty tank. It is wise to clean it after every use. Clean it under running water. Also if there are any black valves then wash it out too.
  • When the tank reaches the maximum fill line empty and washes it properly. It is recommended before storing the machine.
  • SpotBot automated area must be cleaned with a soft cloth.
  • You can leave water and solution in a clean tank. In the use of Oxy Boost, you must empty and clean it out.
  • If there is a floating stack then clean it out too by removing it.
  • Wash out the cleaning tool by removing it first. Then put it under running water. Remove the dirt by using a delicate brush.

Ways of Cleaning a Canister Cleaner Cleaner

  • Just like previous methods wash the tanks after every use. After turning cleaner off empty the tank and wash its inlet completely. After washing wait for it to dry. Open the hose door and carry the tank up by the handle.
  • Wash out the inner parts by removing them. It should include hose, filter tower, and mode selector. Let them dry after wash. Put then back to the machine after they are dry.
  • Check the filters first. If they are dirty enough and the dirt is visible then wash them out. Before putting them back let them dry out.
  • Check the pre-motor filter by opening the top lid and pulling the tab. Make sure the “T” parts are lined up under their respective grooves when replacing the filter.

Important Points

  • To clean the exterior of your cleaner always use the soft cloth.
  • Instead of boiled water always use hot tap water.
  • Before starting the maintenance process always unplug your cleaner.
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