How To Clean Toilet Brush

How To Clean Toilet Brush

How To Clean Toilet Brush: To maintain the hygiene we generally try to remain clean. This cleaning procedure includes cleaning our dress, things, rooms, kitchens, toilets etc. If you want to remain hygiene in a true sense, you need to clean the cleaning materials too. Toilet brush is very important cleaning equipment. It directly cleans the filth of your toilet. If you do not clean it properly it will remain unhygienic. The unhygienic toilet brush is not good for you at all. So you need to clean it properly. Many of you do not know how to clean the toilet brush properly. So we are here to assist you to know the proper way of cleaning your toilet brush.

How To Clean Toilet Brush

Clean the Toilet Brush Using the Bleach:

After cleaning your toilet you need to disinfect your toilet brush properly. There are various ways to clean the toilet brush. One of the best ways to clean your toilet brush is to clean with bleach. At first, you need to boil water. Then mix the bleach caps with the boiled water in a bucket. Keep your brush into this liquid. Then keep it to soak the water and to dry the brush. After that, rinse the toilet brush carefully. Then keep it to dry.

Clean the Brush Holder:

The toilet brush holder gets also dirty. So you should also think about the cleaning of the brush holder. Apply the disinfectant spray to the brush holder. You can also use another little brush to clean your toilet brush holder. You may also clean and disinfect the brush holder with a piece of cloth. Take a piece of a cloth, soak it with liquid bleach. Then wipe the holder properly with it. Then wipe it again with a clean piece of cloth.

Dry the Toilet Brush:

Dry the toilet brush and the holder properly. If it is not completely dried then it will create malodor. If you store the wet brush then bacteria will grow. Keep it to the air to dry properly. To dry your toilet brush you may also keep it under the sun. If you are in a hurry to store it, apply warm air to your wet brush through any drier.

Be Careful Using Bleach:   

You should be cautious while you are using the bleach. The bleach is good for your toilet brush. But it is not good for your skin and your eyes. To prevent your eye irritation, open the windows. Wear the hand gloves to protect the skin of your hands. To ensure the hygiene of your toilet you need to clean your toilet brush once a week. Otherwise, bacteria will make it unhygienic.

Be Careful About the Used Bleach Water: 

You also need to be careful about the used bleach water. It is filthy and unhygienic. After cleaning your toilet brush, pour the used bleach water into the drain. It is not possible then you can do another thing. You may pour the bleach water into the toilet bowl.

Cleaning the Toilet Brush with the Spray: 

The hygiene of your toilet depends on the cleaning of your toilet equipment. You can also clean your toilet brush using the disinfectant spray. This is an easy method to disinfect your toilet brush. Keep your toilet brush on the floor of your bathroom. Then apply the disinfectant spray properly to it. Do not leave any portion of it without spray. Place the toilet brush over your toilet bowl. The excess disinfectant liquid will drop into your toilet bowl. If you place it over your toilet bowl, the disinfectant liquid will not be wasted.

Pour the Hot Water: 

After applying the spray, wet your toilet brush with hot water. Pour hot water into the brush for 30 seconds. Apply the hot water until it is completely clean. The hottest water is helpful to clean the filth from your toilet brush.

Cleaning the Toilet Brush with Vinegar-Water: 

You may also use natural products to clean your toilet brush. Vinegar is very helpful to clean the toilet brush. Vinegar maintains the hygiene of your brush. Get a bucket with water. Mix the vinegar with the water and prepare a solution of vinegar. Then submerge your toilet brush and the holder into the solution of the bucket. Keep the brush into the solution for the whole night. In the morning take your toilet brush from the vinegar solution. Keep the brush under the sun or in the air to make it dry.

Cleaning the Toilet Brush with Baking Soda:

You can also clean your toilet brush with the baking soda. Only 2 grams of baking soda is enough to clean your brush. Spread 2 grams baking soda on the surface of your brush. Take another brush to rub your toilet brush.

Cleaning with Toilet Bowl:

You may clean your toilet brush during the cleaning of your toilet bowl. After cleaning your toilet bowl with disinfectant, place your toilet brush into the toilet bowl. When you flash with clean water your toilet brush will be also clean. Flash of freshwater removes the bacteria from the toilet brush.

Some Precautions:  

Most of the cleaning agents are injurious to your skin. When you work with these cleaning agents use hand gloves. These are also harmful to your eyes. So during working with these deleterious agents try to open all the windows. Ensure enough air circulation to your working place. Vinegar and bleach creates toxic fumes together. So do not mix these two. The mixing of ammonia and the bleach is also very harmful. This mixer also creates toxic fumes. So never apply these together. After cleaning your toilet brush wash your hands properly with hand sanitizer to kill the germs.

Final Thoughts:

Cleaning the toilet brush is an easy and simple method. To maintain the hygiene of your toilet try to clean your cleaning equipment regularly. You may apply any of the procedure to clean your toilet brush. Select the proper disinfectant agent. Clean your toilet brush and the brush holder. Dry it properly and store it. Your hygiene toilet ensures the hygiene of your home. So be careful about the cleaning of your toilet brush.

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