How To Cut Branches From A Tall Tree

How To Cut Branches From A Tall Tree

How To Cut Branches From A Tall Tree: The task of pruning to guide the trees and to be able to form them goes back to old times when it was used to stimulate the development of flower buds in fruit trees.
Now, the reasons to prune a tree are determined by the correction of defects or decrease of the cup, or on the contrary, to stimulate it and that it grows in a balanced way. Also to prevent the accumulation of branches and select them allowing the passage of air. Another reason is to improve the quality of the fruit and the penetration of the sprays, increase the flowering as well as the entry of light and production.
Therefore, at present, the way to handle pruning has changed due to the implementation of new tools that make the work more comfortable and the reach of branches with difficult access, to be cut under strict safety rules avoiding risks and Providing pruning quality, since pruning wounds, both in green and dry wood, must be treated with care to prevent generating infections that weaken the tree. That’s why you should make sure that the cuts are smooth and precise.
If the pruning was done because of an infection in a tree, it is recommended to apply a disinfectant to the tools used after each use in order not to infect other trees.
It is always necessary to wear gloves and goggles to protect against splinters or materials that may fall or be thrown during cuts. If pruning is done with a chainsaw, you must use a helmet and safety shoes. And if you want to avoid injuries, it is advisable to have your back always straight and your two legs well seated on the floor making smooth but firm movements.
Below are 5 tools that are essential when pruning those annoying branches that are difficult to reach.

Top 5 Best Tools For Cutting Tree Branches

Here is the Top 5 Best Tools For Cutting Tree Branches List:


1. BRASS BACK 256 Ribs Saws

BRASS BACK 256 Ribs SawsBlack brass has traditionally been used for spike cuts and other details that have to do with sawing. It is made of high-quality spring steel alloy, the blade can be resharpened every time it is necessary. The teeth have been precisely shaped to ensure a clean cut.
This tool provides rigidity and support to the blade, giving a wonderful cutting sensation, which makes heavy tasks easier. The handle is made of beech wood lacquered with two attractive shades. It is of a traditional design that provides excellent comfort and resistance adding a sense of balance to the saw. Three brass screws adjust the handle to the blade of the saw. It is manufactured in Sheffield, England.

Key Features:
# Its size is 350 mm.
# Has a spike saw cut.
# His weight is 1.76 pounds
# Its dimensions are: 5.9×19.3×1 inches
# The depth of the cut is measured according to the width of the blade.

1. Straight cuts as long as there is smoothness in the use of the saw.
2. It is perfect for beginners due to its easy handling and the possibility of making attractive cuts.
3. Weight is ideal because it feels light.
4. Cutting dead branches or hardwoods is special.

1. It must be continuously cleaned with oil or wax to provide smooth cuts and protect the blade from rust.
2. It has a minimum range.
3. Risks for personnel cuts are high.

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2. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw KitThe possibility of reaching all the branches without complications is already possible thanks to the POLO with three ends of 6 feet by 18 inches for full reach. Its precise and precise cutting makes it a special tool to reach heights without the need for a ladder and to work comfortably and safely from the ground.
Its long blades with adjustable head give it a superior cutting capacity. You can cut branches with a diameter of 1 to 1/8 of an inch. It has a Tri-Cut kit containing saw blade, 6 inches, 6-inch saw head adapter with mast base and 6-inch extension pole.
High branches are already within reach with this tool that increases leverage. Its oval-shaped blade makes perfect cuts and its light, but sturdy poles reduce flexion and allow controlling the directions of the cuts adapting to the movement of the hands.

Key Features:
# Saw head permanently mounted on a 6-inch pole with a male end fitting at the other end under pressure at the base.
# A base of 6-inch hollow fiberglass and bar with rubber base and female lid.
# 6-inch hollow pole fiberglass extension with male and female cable.
# 16-inch saw ahead and saw blade with toolbar bolts.
# It is expandable up to 24 feet.
# Its general dimensions are 72x4x6 inches.
# Your weight is 10 pounds.

1. Easy to attach.
2. Easy to handle.

1. It does not have a storage bag, so care should be taken when the branches fall.

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3. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw with Wrist Lanyard

Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw with Wrist LanyardThese saws come in a variety of sizes. The 10-foot one is perfect for trimming rails or quickly cutting a fork, by removing the extendable fixture. It is designed to be easily carried into the forest and cut branches of trees on the fly.
Its design is made with the knowledge that passionate hunters rely on technologically advanced tools to improve their success in the forest. This tool is the best and most eclectic saw for the tree.
The Hooyman extensible tree saw features a compact ergonomic design with high-carbon, carbon-conical MegaBite XP SK5 blades and a solid aluminum I-beam construction. There are also extensible mast saws on 5-foot, 10-foot, and 16-foot models. Cutting performance is unrivaled, with rock-solid durability and a rigid design contained in a high-quality antler saw.

Key Features:
# Rear Blade Lock.
# Folds to only 71.
# The saw is removable and safe.
# It has an extension handle that fits comfortably in its lining.
# Positive locking extension system.
# Type I beam built in aluminum.
# Comes with a practical pendant.
# Its dimensions are 81.3×20.3×7.6 centimeters.
# His weight equals 3.46 pounds.

1. It is light
2. Very useful in hostile environments
3. Cut branches up to 3 inches in diameter.

1. The size of 10 inches becomes uncomfortable when carrying it in a backpack.
2. As it becomes more extensible and the branch is very thick, the saw becomes harder to cut.

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4. EXTENSIBLE STICK FISKARS for saw and pruning shears

EXTENSIBLE STICK FISKARS for saw and pruning shearsPowerful cutting tool for large and small branches alike with a two-in-one cutting system that features power lever technology that gives you up to 2 times more power during pruning and a powerful WoodZig saw.
Its reach is controllable due to its unique oval-shaped pole that significantly reduces flexion during extension and allows better control of the cutting direction.
Its top locks are due to an advanced double locking system that features a unique combination of a folding clasp and an internal snap button closure that ensures the extended stick stays in place.
The task of removing dry or broken branches is already a fact with the extendable mower with power lever, which includes two different cutting options and extends up to 14 feet. Exclusive leverage technology increases leverage to give you up to 2 times more power than traditional designs. Also, the poles of oval, light and strong form reduce flexion, allow you to control the direction of the cut and adapt to the natural shape of your hand.
An exclusive double locking system ensures that the stick stays extended for superior control by cutting branches as thick as 1 to 1/8 inches with the sharp and durable steel trimmer that features a special low friction coating for smooth cuts, Rubber reduction and higher resistance to oxidation.

Key Features:
# It is ideal for cutting tall branches without climbing stairs.
# Leverage power technology maximizes up to 2 times more cutting power.
# Includes a sturdy steel cane, pruning shears and a saw with a 15-inch wooden handle.
# Its dimensions are 2.5×7.5×87.5 inches.
# Your weight equals 5.35 pounds.

1. Due to its oval handle, it allows controlling the cutting direction.
2. Your guarantee is for life.
3. It has a double locking system.
4. Works to cut palm trees.

1. It does not come fully assembled.
2. The blade must be tightened with the wing nut.

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5. WilFiks Pro Hand Saw, Perfect for Sawing and Comfortable non-slip handle

WilFiks Pro Hand Saw, Perfect for Sawing and Comfortable non-slip handleThis tool is perfect for sawing, trimming, gardening, pruning and cutting wood, plaster, plastic tubes and more since it has a sharp blade,
Sawing has never been so easy. It does not matter if you are a contractor, professional gardener or just someone who likes sewing or gardening, with the wilfiks handsaw you can cut plywood, tree branches, plaster, headboard, pipes, branches quickly and easily. Effortless thanks to its sharp teeth and its soft non-slip rubber handle carefully designed to offer maximum comfort, its use is made very easy, safe and fast with incredible results.

Key Features:
# It is easy to use and is designed for precise cutting. The saw cuts through materials such as wood, plastic pipe, plywood, and headboard.
# It is ideal for carpenters and contractors in general.
# Your teeth remain sharp up to five times longer than conventional teeth and produce a smooth and fast standard cut.
# It has an extra blade secured to the handle for greater safety.
# Its ergonomic non-slip design with super grip handle resists sliding adds comfort.
# The size of the handle adapts to any type of hand, from the smallest to the extra-large and is designed to help reduce fatigue when cutting.
# It has three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50% faster than the traditional saw.
# The body of the blade is 16 inches made of steel with a high percentage of carbon for greater rigidity and control.
# Its dimensions are 19.4×5.4×1.1 inches.
# Its weight equals 12.8 ounces.

1. Very useful for cutting the roots of trees that are on the surface.
2. It can cut trunks 8 inches wide.
3. A woman can use it easily.
4. The coupling mechanism is perfect.

1. Its cuts leave the surface with irregular texture.
2. Does not bring instructions.
3. It becomes more massive when it is fully extended.

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To conclude, it is necessary to mention that only you can choose the best tool to prune according to your tastes, needs, and budget, but do not doubt that among these products is the most indicated for your gardening activities. The best selection!

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