How To Heat A room Without Electricity

How To Heat A room Without Electricity

How To Heat A room Without Electricity: Without available electricity, we can’t think a single moment in our life. For the weather reason, people use electricity to keep the room warm. They use air conditioner, heater etc. So the fun of winter season has become dull after paying the heating bills. Those bills make holes in our pocket. The excessive heating cost and cold bring our life in a miserable condition.

How To Heat A room Without Electricity

Do you ever think about heating a room without electricity in a cheap way?

To minimize the electricity cost, there are several cheap ways to heat a room which can come handy for anyone. In this article, we have covered those survival ways and tips. Continue reading to know more about them.

Heat a room using garden products

The best way to heat a room is to follow the traditional way and having a fire place in a room. A well placed fireplace keeps the room warm and it brings comfortable ambiance. It also creates aesthetic views in room.

The interesting part is those who have gardens, they can use the woods and leafs. On the contrary, those who haven’t gardens they can buy woods and burning materials which is not costly as like electricity.

Using fireplace will not only help to reduce the dependency of electricity but also give our room a distinct look. If you haven’t any fireplace, you can opt a fireplace in a reasonable price.

All you have to do gathered woods and set them fire in a fireplace but you have to make sure to a proper ventilation system of the fireplace. Otherwise, the accidental consequences will be catastrophic.

Proper Insulation of Door, Windows and Floor

Your home will stay warm if you isolated it properly. Door, windows are the only entrance of cool breezing air. So you should lock the door and windows and you have to notice about holes in them. If there is any, you have to cover it with blanket and clothes. There is another trick to place door sweeps beneath the doors, it will stop cold air entering your room. You can also contact with the professionals to isolate your room.

You can also add to the isolation of floors by placing rugs or carpets on them. You have to maintain the quality of the materials so that they can serve for an enhance period of time. Moreover, it is important to clean them on regular basis as they become dust.

Isolation of room can be beneficial throughout the year. It can minimize the cost of electricity.

Use of The Sunlight

Sunlight are easily available and whenever we think about heat the first image drew in our mind was sun. it is easily accessible and usable.

For lowering the use of electricity, you can use the solar system. If sunlight enters your room directly, you can create the solar insulation system. There is another trick, you can buy a large mirror and utilize the reflection of mirror. It will keep the room warm and you don’t have to pay the bill of electricity or buy gas and woods for heaters and fireplaces.

Notifying issue is you have to renew the solar system after certain time. You have to keep in mind all the safety issues of solar system.

Gas stove

It is an easy process to heat your room without using electricity. But this process seemed costly than electricity and on the other hand, there is a safety issue. This is why you can use this method for short term. Excessive use can cause carbon mono oxide which is hazardous to health. Despite producing excessive heat, this process is not suggested by experts.

You can also use carbon mono oxide detector for the safety issue.


Those who believes in romanticism are welcome in this method.

Candles are not effective methods but it can keep our rooms warm. You need a large amount of candles to keep the room warm. Besides, it enlightens the entire room and creates a romantic weather in the room. The cost of using candles obviously much higher than electricity but it is an effective process also.

You have to aware about the fire because it can cause accident and create chaos. Candles should be maintained in a proper way.

Animal Dung

It seems joke to many people that how can animal dung keeps a room warm. It sounds funny but it actually works. Animal dung is not a commonly used process but it is effective. It has been used in many different countries for heat and cooking. It is biodegradable. The most important part is that the cost of using animal dung is cheaper than electricity.

It smells bad but you can use air fresh. There is no hazardous side of using dung. It looks yuck but at the end of the day it works properly and it minimizes the cost.

Gas lamps and generators

Gas generators are also effective way to reduce the use of electricity. Gas lamps and gas generators are usually used for a large family. A gas generator will make our home warm and enlighten our room. It is expensive but effective.

Draft Stoppers

It’s a useful idea to make gaps and holes in the wall but it is not effective in the winter season. On the contrary, it will create problems and the reason is simple cool air will come through these gaps and holes

So the idea of draft stoppers are good for particular season and it is also effective in ventilation but it can be used all the time due to variety of weather.


There you go, now you know the process and tricks about keeping room heat without electricity. You can apply the tricks and save the electricity cost. But one thing we should bear in mind that the safety procedures are important and if you don’t follow the safety rules and regulations, the accidental consequences will be catastrophic. So regarding the safety issues anyone can apply the process.