How To Keep String Trimmer Line From Sticking

How To Keep String Trimmer Line From Sticking

A string trimmer is a must-have gardening tool if you prefer a good-looking lawn. It’ll be a tough chore to keep your yard immaculate without an effective string trimmer or weed eater. But often you may have encountered some issues with string trimmers.

Sometimes the strimmer line keeps breaking and gets stuck during restringing the tool. The issues make your chore harder than you think. To deal with the issues you have to keep the string trimmer well-maintained. For getting enough knowledge do read the post thoroughly where you are going to know how to keep the string trimmer from sticking.

How To Keep The String Trimmer From Sticking?

If your string trimmer is often getting stuck, it’s a painful issue for you. So, here you’ll teach 5 string trimmer tricks to maintain it from getting stuck easily.

  • Wrap the trimmer correctly:

Maintaining the correct way when packing the string trimmer line is very important. Remember feeding it well and wrapping the tool correctly. Follow level-to-level steps when wrapping the trimmer. Improper leveling can halt the string line from feeding seamlessly.

When dealing with the trimmer, try to keep it straight and maintain the lines smoothly without over-tightening. If you don’t keep the lines smooth, it can bunch up and jam. You better follow the label instructions on how to wrap up a string trimmer included on the product owner’s website. However, being cautious when enclosing the string trimmer is one of the first tricks to prevent it from getting stuck.

  • Spray the string trimmer line using Water Displacement, 40th formula or WD-40:

If your string trimmer is getting stuck constantly, Water Displacement, 40th formula can be a great solution for you. We should have a can of WD-40 in the cupboard to get the problem solved. It can be used as the greatest problem solver of all purposes you face. It’s an excellent treatment to prevent the trimmer line from getting clogged.

When you face issues with the trimmer line, just spray WD-40 formula throughout the line. Let it soak properly. It prevents the line from wrapping together. Thus, the line can work smoothly. You can use a silicone spray as a substitute for the WD-40 formula. Some of the greatest alternative to WD-40 that you can use instead of it:

  • Fluid Film: It’s a great choice to use instead of WD-40. Spray it all over the line after restringing the trimmer. Wait until it is completely soaked and get a better result.
  • Motor oil: If you don’t have a WD-40 formula, you have an option to use motor oil rather than it. Pour some drops of motor oil when loading the line. Use it generously and you will get the best outcome for sure.
  • Vegetable oil: Vegetable oil is a common alternative to WD-40. Using standard vegetable oil is highly recommended.
  • Replace the line with one by one following the correct diameter:

Never let the trimmer line be too thick. You should be cautious when replacing the line. Remember to follow the correct diameter while replacing the trimmer line. As you can know, different string trimmer comes in a particular diameter for replacement. Do follow the correct replacement diameter and procedures never letting the line too thick.

You’ll get the correct replacing diameter and techniques on the product owner’s manual. Read thoroughly the procedures and go for the recommended diameter. Then detach the head lid of the trimmer and peek at the correct diameter included in the owner’s website.

  • Never dupe into buying junk:

Checking out the quality of the string trimmer is your first job when making a purchase. There are pretty many companies that used to sell low-quality trimmers at a low cost. We often fall into the trap of buying the wrong product.

If you own a bad string trimmer it never functions properly in a long period. So before paying for a string trimmer, do some research on the field and check out the quality products. You may follow a proper buying guide when deciding to go for a trimmer. Always pay for a branded model that will be worth the money and save you bucks.

  • Keep a look at the trimmer head:

We come here with the automatic feed spool troubleshooting. The head of the trimmer is one of the critical parts of the string trimmer that keeps getting tangled. Most importantly, we face issues with the head of the trimmer. Let’s check whether it is the main culprit. You should buy a strung trimmer that has an OEM head.

Some Of The Maintenance Tips To Prevent Your String Trimmer From Getting Stuck:

  • Never leave the string trimmer without washing. Clean all the parts of the string trimmer thoroughly after using. Use a mild detergent and soapy water for the cleaning process.
  • Keep the machine away from harsh environments like rain or sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Well maintaining the engine fluid is highly recommended. Keep the engine liquids topped off.
  • Used to shift the air filter after every 90 days.
  • You may replace the spark of the trimmer if required.

That’s all to maintain your string trimmer line from clasping. So, your proper maintenance and care can get all your problems solved.

Final Words:

Are you facing issues with your crappy string trimmer? Is it getting stuck repeatedly? It’s a painful chore really! Now, what to do? Well! You have the best solution around you. Check out this article about string trimmer troubleshooting.

Here, you are going to get the 5 best hacks to keep your string trimmer line from sticking. If you follow the tricks thoroughly, you surely get the best result. Plus, you will also get here some maintenance tips to prevent your string trimmer from all problems. Always pay for the quality product without being fooled with the wrong product.

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