How To Pack A Sleeping Bag

How To Pack A Sleeping Bag

How To Pack A Sleeping Bag: Every now and then we come to a point where we need some skills which we don’t need in our daily lives often. We might find ourselves in a jungle or a picnic spot or in a wilderness. One thing is for sure is that time at such places and adventures completely changing our habits. It challenges us to change our behavior which is suitable for the environment we are in.

How To Pack A Sleeping Bag

Similarly if you are found of scouting then you need a skill set necessary to survive a challenging task. From setting up a shelter, setting up a fire without usual modern tools, using first aid kit and cooking your own food from limited resources are only few of the main skills you need to enjoy an adventure like camping and scouting.

Another aspect of these adventures is keeping yourself warm and dry at all times especially at night. Then comes sleeping bag which is necessary apparatus for scouting. Sleeping bag is a light weight insulated cover often accompanied with a zipper and a hood in order to keep your head warm. Whenever you are sleeping outside, hiking, camping, climbing or hill walking a sleeping bag is imperative. Its primary purpose is to keep you warm through its synthetic insulation.

Sleeping bags are of different kinds and models. Due to increase in tourism industry around the world their demand in the market is huge.

Even they are used in homes for guests whenever required or children play with them during their holidays.

Pryce Pryce-Jones is considered as father of sleeping bags who invented them in 1876.

If you have a sleeping bag doesn’t mean that is enough. Using it properly is a skill which is missing in most of people. Even most people who are found of adventures don’t know how to use them properly, especially when it comes to packing them into stuff sacks.

Basic rule of using your stuff sacks is to store your items in such a way that you can recover them easily and without any problems.

We will discuss some of the basic and best ways to pack your sleeping bag here

You must have seen packaged sleeping bags at Super stores or factory layouts in the perfect way possible. Don’t worry, it might seem difficult but we will tell you how it can be achieved because improper packing can cause


Before putting your sleeping bag into stuff sack it’s important to flatten it first. It will remove the extra air from bag and it will be easy to pack it

2-Don’t roll

Another important point is to not roll the sleeping bag into stuff sacks. Sleeping bags are naturally designed to be stuffed into sacks rather than rolling

3-Start at the bottom

Lower section of your sleeping bags is known as footbox contains more insulation to keep you warm. And air is trapped in this section so it’s important to start from the bottom


When you are stuffing the sleeping bag stack it from the footbox and place it at the bottom so that hood is placed at the top of stuff sack

 5-Compression tools

By using good compression tools one can we can find more space in our stuff sacks for things such as backpacking pillow or some extra layers

when it comes to sleeping bags our responsibilities are not yet over. After completion of your trips please follow these points in order to store your sleeping bag at home.

1-Wash it

Wash the bag if necessary and run it through dryer.

2-Air out

After every trip make sure to air out the sleeping bag completely as storing them wet or in a damp state is not good for it

3-Long term storage

Don’t leave your sleeping bags into stuff sacks for long as it will compress it’s material permanently. Place your sleeping bags in cotton storage bags or spread them under the bed

These were some of the points which are necessary to use your sleeping bags in a long run. There is no doubt that by following these rules of packing your sleeping bags your future trips, scouting adventures, hiking endeavors will be a complete success stories.

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