How to Pressure Wash a House With Vinyl Siding

How to Pressure Wash a House With Vinyl Siding

Introduction to how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding: It’s quite natural that more garbage and stains were stored outside than buildings inside. Homes may be heavily polluted in specific locations, such as newly built areas, sandy roads, and subtropical climates.

Thorough washing is required whether it begins with white then it will become sickly brown or green color. This included a bucket full of soap and water, a towel, and a hose. As an outdoor material, vinyl siding collects vast amounts of pollen, bugs, insect dung, spider webs, rust dust, soil, and stains.

Here we will discuss how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding. So, let’s move forward.

How to Pressure Wash a House With Vinyl Siding Review 2020

Some benefits of pressure washing:  

Why should we clean our vinyl siding as well? Molds and mildews can thrive in warm, moist areas, and vinyl is also susceptible to pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer bleaching. Besides, many commonly used households repair products, such as caulks, road sealers, tars, motor oils, and paints, leading to vinyl side finishes. So, we must clean the vinyl siding well to look the house older in just some years.

Washing a vinyl side with a pressure washer is a lot better than washing it with other items. However, some advisers prefer medium power while using it. There are two forms of power washer out there. If you use an electric power washer, the cleaning process will be faster than the gas one. The electric power washer is, therefore, suitable for use. You can rent a pressure washer for cleaning as well.

If the vinyl side is not cleaned by a pressure washer, please first ensure that the waterfalls to the bottom of the eye and do not lift. That way, you can’t pull water behind the leg. When using a pressure washer, look out for holes such as walls, doors, and plumbing connections. A good quality built-in power washer is the best vinyl side cleaner for more dirt and stains.

Using steps of pressure washer:

However, it is a relatively simple process to clean the vinyl side, and several items can help eliminate the usual stains. According to the Vinyl Siding Center, the best way to do so is to use a soft cloth or a regular long handle rigid bristle brush. Start to stop streaks from the bottom, and move towards the top of the building. Consider rinsing off well after cleaning vinyl siding.

Step 1:

Until beginning cleaning with a pressure washer, note to clear any potentially unsafe trip hazards and things such as personal use objects, flower pots, toys, appliances, and more. Cover the holes and all the luminaires with clear outlets. Close the windows. Cover the field, and sprays and detergents prevent field damage. If it cannot be sealed, moisten it well and dilute the chemical to avoid damage.

Step 2:

Depending on how bad it is, you may need to take a bleach solution before cleaning the whole room. Add one ingredient of chlorine and 10 parts of water to the spray bottle. Sprinkle over the mildew and let it rest for a moment.

Rinse with a towel and warm spray, a garden hose, or a low-pressure area over a high-pressure washer. A bleach solution works as the Best vinyl siding cleaner.

Step 3:

For any kind of work, safety is the most important thing. Security checking is critical when using a pressure washer for washing. A pressure washer can create a lot of water pressure in a small stream, and you and your clothing will be seriously ruined. Wear socks, jeans, sunglasses. Do not strike or point a spray to anyone. Keep the ladder off.

Step 4:

Another essential thing to always remember is to be aware of the power lines. Any houses have power lines that are connected with overhead power lines that run around the sides. Are you one of those individuals? If you must notice that your extension rod is not connected to it, it may create an electric shock when the power line is hit.


Usually, if vinyl sidings are washed every two years, then it will always look better. It can be cleaned once every year due to more relaxed and wet weather. Usually, a house in a cold country gets dirty quickly. Spray bleaching in areas where germs can develop and the risk of dirt accumulation exists. Scrub the area and wash it with a sponge.

You may not need to pressure wash your home after three or four years when you can clean it with a full- pressure washer at the right time. So obviously, you can clean your siding by using a good power washer. If the dirt is not too much, detergent and bleaching can also clean it.

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