How To Remove Pet Stains From Carpets

How To Remove Pet Stains From Carpets

How To Remove Pet Stains From Carpets: Loving an animal as your pet is a natural inclination of man. There is a history of bonds between humans and their animal pets. These pets are great friends, especially for kids and elderly people. According to new research, pets keep their owners healthy, both physically and emotionally. Pets even are used to speed up the healing of patients who have major health issues.

How To Remove Pet Stains From Carpets

You will observe many people hanging around with their pets doing exercise either in the morning or in the evening. In that way not only they take their pets out for leisure time but also keep themselves engaged and fit. Some people believe that pets are the cause of allergies at home. But science proves otherwise rather people who keep pets at home are at lesser risk to allergies. There are several benefits to having pets. They are natural friends of their owners. They help in dealing with the issues of stress and depression. Pets let you make new friends during their walk at the park. They build educational values around the house, especially for kids. They bring relaxation to their owners and then they can counter many health issues like blood pressure. If you have a cat at home then there are fewer chances of getting a stroke.


Apart from the benefits of having pets at home, there is one issue which is a cause of concern. No matter what you do and how much you train your pets, pet stains will find its way inside your home. Pet stains like urine and vomit leave a terrible smell if you do not clean it quickly. Especially it has a drastic effect on your carpets. So it is better to clean them out at once. Here are the best ways to clean your carpet from pet stains.


The following methods should be followed if the stain is new.

It is better to soak up the urine from the carpet. Put paper towels on the wet area. Make sure towels are thick. Then place newspapers over it. Layers of newspapers should be thick. For a minute stand on it and keep repeating this process till the area is damp.


Start rinsing the affected area immediately. Use clean and cool water. Place freshly soaked urine towels in the pet’s bathroom.


Although old stains are hard to remove but the following steps will help you.


Ponder to get a carpet cleaner from your local stores.


After cleaning use odor neutralizer. Get a high-quality product.


After getting dry if the affected area still looks stained then use stain remover for carpets.


For urine odors on your carpet do not use steam cleaners. Heat producing protein will bond with fibers and permanently leave the stain and the odor on the carpet.


Do not use strong chemical odors like ammonia and vinegar. It can encourage your pets to repeat the same thing.


  • Make sure urine does not soak down to the carpet padding. It will make things very difficult for you. If not cleaned you might need to change some portions of your carpet.
  • Once your affected area is cleaned make it no go area for your pets. The bathroom area of pets should be attractive enough for them. If your pets can smell their scent from the affected area they will keep repeating this.
  • A medical check-up to a veterinarian is also a good idea. It is better to find out if this habit has any medical problem.
  • If your pet is healthy, use positive props to train your pet to remove at the assigned bathroom or in a proper place.
  • If your pet is repeating this habit consistently it is better to understand the motivation behind this act. Once you get hold of your pet’s motivations you will sort out this problem easily.
  • You must have patience as training or retraining period will take some time. It is not easy to remove bad habits from pets and replacing them with new good habits is even more difficult. Patience and consistency is the key.
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