How To Rewind The Trimmer Line

How To Rewind The Trimmer Line

When it comes to maintaining a good lawn, a dedicated string trimmer is the first thing you need. That’s not all. The string trimmer needs to feed a new string or rewind over time.

Rewinding the trimmer line for the first time would be challenging. But if you know the right ways the job will be so easy. That’s why we reach here to help you.

Wondering how to rewind the trimmer line? Come on with us and get the best solutions here. We will talk about rewinding the trimmer line in only 2 easy ways. You gotta be helpful for sure!

How To Rewind The Trimmer Line In 2 Easy Ways:

Method 1: Changing The Line On A Double Line String Trimmer

Prepare the line: How long the line will depend on the types of string trimmer. Getting the right diameter of the trimmer line is very important. The wrong diameter won’t give you the desired result.

You would rather follow the product’s manual to know the right size of the trimmer line than wasting money on the wrong diameter. After preparing the line, cut it around 10′ to 25′. You better keep the size too long so that you can cut it shorter later. Make sure to cut both lines uniformly.

Turn off the engine of the trimmer: Turning off the trimmer’s engine before rewinding the line is highly recommended. Be sure to cool down the gearbox. Otherwise, it can cause serious incidents.

Discard the retaining cap from the head: To remove the retaining cap from the trimmer head, you should be careful. You can simply do it. Just unscrew the cap with minimal pressure. It is done. But some models can come with different mechanisms. Check the product’s manual if there are any other techniques to follow.

Place the starter hole to the spool: Find out the starter hole of the trimmer line. Then start winding in the way of arrows. Continue wrapping the trimmer line gently. Stop wrapping when there are 5″ or 6″ lines remaining. Clip the remaining lines into the retainer on the spool. It helps to seize the retainer cap in position.

String the retainer with the slot: You need to line up the retainer with the slot on the top of the trimmer head. First, relocate the spool into the head and then discard the string from the retainer. Feed it smoothly by pulling the retainer with the slot. After feeding new strings, don’t forget to reconnect the retaining cap.

Method 2: Changing The Line On A Speed-feed String Trimmer

Prepare the line: Like the double line string trimmer, you need to prepare the line first in a speed-feed string trimmer. You should maintain the perfect length and width of the line depending on the string trimmer you are using. Because the wrong diameter will be good for nothing.

So, it is recommended to check out the manufacturer’s website to know which size line you need to purchase for the specific trimmer. After buying the exact line diameter, it is time to cut the line into two equal pieces. The line should be cut around 10′ to 25′. You can keep it long and then cut it shorter later. Keep in mind to cut both lines to the same length.

Be sure to turn off the trimmer engine: It is very important to switch off the string trimmer’s engine. Cool down the gearbox first, if there is any. These precautions are very important to prevent serious incidents.

Twirl the retaining cap: Discover the eyelet by rotating the retaining cap with arrows. Then start wrapping the string lines through the eyelets.

String the verge of the trimmer line:

Find the eyelet first that you will get on the backside of the trimmer head. Pull out both ends of the line and keep both sides equal. Then roll the trimmer head in a counterclockwise direction. Stop rolling when there are 5-6 inches remaining lines.

That’s all about how to rewind the trimmer line in easy 2 methods. Do follow the instructions thoroughly and rewind your trimmer line easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which way do I wind a trimmer line?

You need to wind the trimmer line to the opposite side of the cutting edge. Otherwise, there remains a tendency to unwind the trimmer line while operating the trimmer. To wind the trimmer line, twist the trimmer head to the counterclockwise direction.

Why does my trimmer line keep breaking?

If you use the trimmer to cut down thick patches of grass or other rough surfaces, the trimmer line can break. Besides, if the trimmer gets hit upon a heavy object like a wall, paving edge, garden stone, etc, the trimmer line is more prone to break. You should be careful and well maintain the trimmer when working.

Does trimmer line size matter?

Absolutely. You always pay for a thicker trimmer line. The thicker the trimmer line, the greater the task will be. A thicker trimmer line comes with durable materials so that it can deal with rough surfaces easily. It ensures powerful cutting efficiency and being durable there is no risk for breakage. It also offers you finer and even cutting.

How long are trimmer lines?

Trimmer lines are available in different diameters around 0.065-0.080 inches to 1.65-2.03 mm. Lighter trimmer lines are precise for young grasses while thicker trimmer lines can handle thick patches of grasses.

Last Few Words:

So, now you have enough knowledge about how to rewind the trimmer line in two easy methods. As you know, string trimmers should feed new strings otherwise they start malfunctioning. When you are getting the right solutions here, why worry? If you are a beginner, it would be tough. But if you follow our step-by-step instructions carefully, you will do it effortlessly. Keep reading our post and start feeding the trimmer smoothly.

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