How To Start A Craftsman Leaf Vacuum

How To Start A Craftsman Leaf Vacuum

Wondering how to start a craftsman leaf vacuum?

If you are a professional gardener, a leaf vacuum is your best friend. A craftsman leaf vacuum comes to the first list when to choose a leaf vacuum.

But starting a craftsman leaf vacuum is a little bit tough. If you are a newbie, it would be challenging. It takes a lot of time to go through all the procedures. Let us simplify your task.

So, today, we will describe some easiest ways so that you can start your craftsman leaf vacuum effortlessly. One thing to mind when starting the leaf vacuum must take preventive measures. Let’s go through this:

How To Start A Craftsman Leaf Vacuum Following 6 Quickest Steps

Step 1: Disconnecting the spark plug:

This is the very first step that should be done before assembling all the required accessories. Detach the spark plug wire and lay the engine to the ground. It prevents accidental incidents when starting the engine.

Step 2: Attaching the handle:

  • Open the upper handle first til it aligns with the lower handle. Set the rope guide on the right side of the upper handle.
  • Tighten the upper wing nuts in order to protect both handles.
  • You will find hairpin clips to the carriage bolts and handle brackets. Discard the hairpin clips. Also, remove wing nuts from the lower handle.
  • Now, insert each bottom hole to the lower handle using hairpin clips.
  • Then, place the carriage bolts to the lower handle via upper holes and tighten them with wing nuts.
  • Set the rope guide to the right side of the upper hole by loosening up the nuts.
  • And, then, drag the starter rope gradually and slide it in the rope guide. Don’t forget to twist the wing nuts.

Step 3: Attaching the bag:

  • Grip the bag handle with the help of your hands. Then drag the locking rod toward the engine.
  • Slide the bag over the rim. Place the bag in the right position by releasing the locking rod.
  • Clasp bag belt on the top of the lower handle.
  • Clip the lower straps on the bag.

Step 4: Attaching the blower chute:

  • Don’t forget to remove the bag before installing the blower chute.
  • Clasp blower chute with the help of hands. Then tug the locking rod on the strut bracket towards the engine.
  • Slide the blower chute over the rim like the bag. Secure the chute by releasing the locking rod.
  • Set the nozzles to the highest position. Fix the adjustment through the adjustment section.

Step 5: Gas and oil fill-up:


  • Try to use high-quality detergent oil. To add the oil first discard the oil fill dipstick.
  • Then fill the engine of the leaf vacuum with the help of a funnel. Never let it overfill. You generally need 20 oz of oil. Avoid overfilling the engine; it results in smoke from the engine.
  • Before starting the engine, be sure to check out the oil level. Low oil levels can cause permanent engine damage.


  • First, discard the fuel cap from the fuel tank.
  • Never use stalling gasoline that is 4 weeks older. Before adding gasoline to the fuel tank, make sure that the tank is clean and free of foreign particles.
  • Fill the tank with clean premium quality gasoline. Avoid using Ethyl or high octane gasoline. After adding gasoline, replace the fuel cap.

Step 6: Start the engine:

  • Don’t allow anyone near the leaf vacuum when you are about to start the engine. You must wear protective clothing like hand gloves, a face mask, goggles, apron, and take other protective measures.
  • Be sure to install the bag and blower chute perfectly and then attempt to start the engine.
  • When you are ready to start the engine, connect the spark plug wire. Rubber boot to the plug.
  • Depress the switch button of the bag and blower chute. Tab the button on the switch handle when starting the engine.
  • Be sure to ground the bag handle and blower chute and connect the switch wire.
  • Fill the gas tank to 3/4 full prior to starting the engine. Make sure that the gas tank is clean and free of foreign objects. Always use fresh and clean oil and gasoline.
  • Shift the throttle trigger to the “Run” position when the temperature is above 32°F. Then depress the primer bulb carefully about 3 times. Do drag the button after 2 seconds of each push.
  • If the temperature is below 32°F, shift the choke lever to the “Choke” position. After that, press the primer bulb firmly about three times. When you don’t use a choke lever to start the engine, you better move the throttle trigger to the “Run” position.
  • Clasp the starter handle that you will find behind the unit. Then drag the rope guide until you feel resistance.
  • Keep dragging the rope quite fast with mega force. Give a firm grasp to the starter handle gradually. And then rewind the rope deliberately.
  • Keep repeating the process, until the engine starts. Whenever the engine attempts to start, don’t forget to shift the throttle trigger or choke lever to the “Start” position.
  • If the engine fails to start, try to push the choke lever to the “Choke” position. After that, attempt to move it to the “Start” position.
  • When operating your Craftsman leaf vacuum, be sure to hold the throttle trigger to the “Start/Run” position.

Do follow these quickest steps on how to start a craftsman leaf vacuum and start cleaning your yard.


So, as you can see, we have discussed above how to start a craftsman leaf vacuum in 6 easy steps. Although starting a leaf vacuum is somewhat challenging, you can do it effortlessly if you follow the instructions thoroughly. The task is not only weary but also has the risk of serious incidents. So, make sure your safety first, and then attempt to start the leaf vacuum. Hopefully, this post is gonna be effective for you.

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