How To Start A Leaf Blower

How To Start A Leaf Blower

How To Start A Leaf Blower: A leaf blower is one of the accessories that every courtyard should be taking advantage of. A leaf blower is an important tool for yard maintenance. A leaf blower can be of different types that can work with different powering mechanisms but the purpose of almost all leaf blowers is same.

How To Start A Leaf Blower

There are some types of leaf blowers which can work differently and there can be different methods to start them.

Gas leaf blowers: Leaf blowers which work on gas are referred as gas leaf blowers. They do not completely work on gas instead they use a mixture of gas and some oil.

Problems with starting a gas leaf blower:

  • You can face some problems while starting a gas blower due to some reasons;
  • If the proportion of gas and oil is not correct, you may face issues while starting the device.
  • If the spark plug is not working well due to depletion of oil over the plug then leaf blower may not start as it may foul the spark plug.
  • The smoke production while leaf blower is running is another indication that the oil in the fuel is much greater than the desired quantity.
  • The desired proportion of gas and oil can be different for varying models but a ratio of 45 to 1 for gas to oil should work well for most of the leaf blowers available in the market.

Steps to start a gas engine:

You can follow some easy steps to start a gas blower.

Make mixture of gas and oil in correct proportion:

  • As it is already discussed that correct proportion for gas and oil can be around 45:1.
  • You can try and mix both components in a correct proportion.
  • You can use a closed container to mix and then shake them slightly
  • Now when the mixture is ready you can put this mixture in the fuel tank of your leaf blower.
  • For some new designed leaf blowers you can also use gas as fuel.

You should check the switch and choke:

  • Once you have prepared the fuel in correct proportion and poured it in the fuel tank then you should check the starter switch of the equipment.
  • Some leaf blowers have starter switch and they would not start as long as it is not turned on.
  • The choke can play an important role while starting the leaf blower. Depending on the weather you may need to use the choke of leaf blower.
  • If it is cold then you should use choke by turning it on before starting the machine.

You should make sure the supply of fuel to the machine:

  • After turning on choke and switch now you should prime the engine and make sure the supply of fuel to the engine.

Now you must look for the cord of leaf blower:

  • You can find chord of leaf on one side of the body.
  • You should pull it if you want to start your leaf blower.
  • The best way to do it can be holding the machine in one hand and pulling the chord with the other.
  • You should do it several times before your leaf blower can start.

Let the machine run for sometime:

  • After following these steps your machine should be able to start and you should let it run for a minute to make sure it is working well.
  • Then you should be good to remove away leaves from your courtyard.
  • After gas leaf blower there is another type which is known as electrical leaf blower.

Electrical leaf blowers:

  • The method to start electrical leaf blowers may vary because of different source of supply.
  • If your electric leaf blower has a wire which connects to the switch then it should be one of the easiest to start.
  • You are just required to plug the switch and turn on your leaf blower.

What to do if it is not starting?

  • Your electrical leaf blower may not start due to some reasons.
  • If the power supply is not working.
  • There may be an issue with the plug or wire.
  • The machine can have a problem as well.
  • If you have bought a new electrical leaf blower and you are not sure how it does work then you can always consult instruction manual from the manufacturer.

Electrical leaf blowers that work with battery:

  • There is another type of electrical leaf blowers that works on battery. This type of blowers use battery as its power source. They usually start the same way as the other.
  • Important factor here is that the battery should be charged well in order to make it work properly.
  • You can always look for help in instruction manual if you are not sure about something.

How can you start a 4-stroke leaf blowers:

  • A 4-stroke leaf blower uses just gas as fuel as compared to 2-stroke which uses combination of fuel and gas.
  • If a 4-stroke leaf blower is not starting then you should check a few things in your device.
  • You should start with the quality of fuel being used even if it is good enough to run the machine if not then you should change it.
  • You should check the spark plug and starting switch as well as it may be the cause of problem. You can replace it if it is too old and not giving the proper spark to start the engine.
  • There can also be other issues which can stop a leaf blower from starting which may include improper functioning of air filter or blockage of fan of electrical leaf blower which can prevent it from working properly.
  • Most of the problems related to start of the device can be solved by thoroughly reading user manual and by following some simple instructions.

Final Thoughts:

You may face issues while staring a leaf blower for the first time or when it is having an issue specially gas-powered leaf blowers which uses a specific mixture of oil and gas. Other types which include electrical leaf blowers are relatively easy to start and hardly an issue comes up but you can always consult user manual if there is any confusion.

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