How To Use A Walk Behind Mower

How To Use A Walk Behind Mower

How To Use A Walk Behind Mower: Some things are not a point of discussion, if they are not useful. Also, the lawn mower wouldn’t have been a point of discussion today, if there were no usefulness for it. If it is not important, then it is not worth looking into.

How To Use A Walk Behind Mower

A healthy living is a function of a healthy environment; keeping your environment clean is crucial to sound health. Sequel to this, one of the most prominent ways of keeping a healthy environment is greening; planting trees, plants and flowers in your surrounding. As beautiful as it sounds and looks to keep a greened environment, it can become somehow irritating and disgusting, if not frequently maintained, pruned and taking care of. How would it look, if what is meant to be a flower has become a tree?…what is meant to be a grass becoming a Bush?. Obviously, such ornaments would lose its beauty and no longer serves its purpose.

Why do I need a mower?

Every individual, to a certain extent, will not want his/her planted ornament looks so bushy, such that, the house itself from the outside view looks discouraging. Our abode is our pride, hence, caring for it should be a priority; the need to keep your field, grass, or flowers pruned.

As much as we love to make our surrounding look cool and beautiful, you’re not expected to prune your flowers and grass with a cutlass or knife. Apart from the risk of injury, the ornaments itself is vulnerable to losing its beauty; with cutlass, you can only cut and not prune, because, the cutlass would not produce a perfect and rhymed trimming. Therefore, the need for a lawnmower.

The lawnmower is a pruning and cutting machine; used for cutting or mow grass, plants or trees whose habitation and sphere of influence is not far from the ground: majorly for reducing its height and giving it a beautiful shape. The person that operates the lawnmower is also referred to as the “Mower”. The lawnmower varies in type, functions, mode of operations and specifications. Each lawnmower has its uniqueness from the other, likewise, each lawnmower has its spectacular mode of operations; how to start it, make use of it, get a good result and maintain it.

Now, the focal point of this study and article is to examine how to make use of a walk behind mower; knowing fully well that, there exist several kinds of lawn mowers and each with its spectacular mode of operations. It is not necessary to assume that all lawn mowers can be operated the same way: of course, they were not configured the same way. Therefore, you need to know how these are operated.

The walk behind mower is as simple as it sounds. It is a kind of mower that requires the operator to stand or walk behind it, applying. Most lawn mowers are set up in such a way that they are self propelling. It only needs little or no force to move it, push it, control it and as well, direct it. We must know that the lawn mower has its blades it cuts with: this means that, the pushing or force is not what enables the mower cut the grass. It only add precision and control to it. Moreover, the operator pushes in order to move the machine over the grass and also a hilly ground.

How do you then handle or make use of a walk behind mower?

Watching a mowing tutor giving basic tips on how to operate the walk behind mower has helped in putting up this article, so you can also learn from it. All walk behind mowers are built differently, but these tips are basic and general, which makes it applicable to all walk behind mower. To know how to use the walk behind mower, critically understand the following directives.

Starting up your machine

Every machine is always instructed before it moves, the walk behind mower is no exception. To start up your walk behind machine, first thing to consider is your parking break; your parking break has to be off as soon as you’re trying to put on your walk behind mower. You put the parking break off by, pushing the same forward.

Moving the machine forward

After a successful start up, the next expected motion is movement. Here, you need a lot of carefulness, because moving the machine forward can sometimes be challenging. You have the forward drive bar, once pushed, the machine is set to move and work. Thus action can only be disengaged by halting the machine using the tire lever control.

Halting and moving the machine backwards

The walk behind mower can also move backwards, such that, you can be on it and instruct it to move in a reverse manner. The reverse mode is engineered by using the tire lever control, which is right at the handle. The more you pull back these levers, the slower the machine is going to go. When the left lever is pulled backwards, the machine turns left and vice versa. A partial simultaneous pull of both levers puts the machine on neutral, while a complete backward pull puts the machine on a reverse.

Making use of the Foot pedals

The foot pedals are right behind the machine, close to the machine’s button where your legs are placed. The foot pedals perform same function; when you hit the right pedal, it moves the left and vice versa. They are used to bring the machine to a halt. If you hit either of the pedals, it brings the forward bar automatically back to neutral, and you can then step away from the machine.

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