How To Use An Espresso Machine


How To Use An Espresso Machine 2020

How To Use An Espresso Machine: To know how an espresso machine is used, you must first understand how they work. Espresso or espresso machines (which in Italian means made instantly) are characterized by preparing espresso coffee in a few seconds, faster than Italian or drip coffee machines.

How To Use An Espresso Machine

To use an espresso machine, you must place the ground coffee inside the filter that comes with it. After pouring it into the screen, you must press it in its proper measure. If it slowly pressed, the coffee will come out too thick. If it is too loose, the coffee will come out slightly watered down. Besides, the ideal pressure for your coffee will depend on the degree of grinding it has.

What is espresso?

One of the types of coffee that has the most followers throughout the world is espresso. But, at the same time, it is usually one of the most challenging varieties to prepare even if it seems otherwise.

The problem lies mainly in the misuse of the espresso machine, which is not as simple as a “normal” coffee maker for home use.

To clarify concepts and identify problems, we are going to teach you all the main mistakes that made with the espresso machine and their possible solutions:

– Light or inconsistent cream: The cause of this problem is a temperature below 90º. The only solution is to increase the pressure of the boiler or the pump.

– Dark cream or slow output: This time, the temperature used is too high, above 98º, the force is excessive, or the filters are clogged.

– A little cream, blow out: This problem caused because the distribution hole is clogged, and it is solved simply by cleaning it.

– Overflow by the edges of the filter holder: When the overflow outlet is blocked, or the joint is in poor condition, this happens, so it is imperative to always have clean edges and a joint in good condition.

– The filter holder grounds form ripples: It is due to partially clogged outlets and solved by cleaning or replacing them.

– Accumulation of coffee grounds in the cup: This problem is due to excessive pressure, greater than 9 atm, due to having very thick filter holes or partially blocked outlet. The solution is to lower the pump pressure, replace the filter, or clean it thoroughly.

What matters is that we are more and more satisfied with the way we prepare coffee, regardless of whether we are professionals in the industry or if we do it on an individual level.

How to use an espresso machine?

Selection of coffee beans

Perhaps it is the most complicated step since most of us do not stop to think about what coffee is being served to us when we approach the bar or table of any bar. There are endless combinations, blends, and blends of 100% arabica, robusta, roasted coffee, of different roasts, varieties, etc.

That is why it is so important to be clear about the result we want to obtain. The raw material has to be the center of attention, depending on the tastes of the client or the person who is going to taste our products. If you want to get an idea of ​​the coffees that the coffee shops use, you can take a look at our selection of beverages in beans.

Ground coffee beans

The coffee is ground so that contact with water occurs as intensely as possible, to extract its components, in the preparation of the infusion. It is imperative to adjust the degree of grinding depending on the coffee machine that we are going to use.

The ideal grind for an espresso coffee would be to get a grind that is between the touch of flour and that of sand.

Keep in mind that if the beans are too ground, the surface area will be overexposed with the hot water, making this taste bitter and harsh. In the opposite case, if the grinding were less, it would produce a weak and watery coffee.

Coffee Maker Maintenance

It is recommended in the morning to open the vaporizers, purge groups and discard one coffee per group not suitable for consumption. Every night we must clean the vaporizers, grids, groups, scoops, slides, tray and bowl, to make sure we don’t get smoky flavors in our coffee and keep the machinery in good condition.

Finally, we must leave the slides inserted in the group without tightening to maintain an adequate temperature.

How to make an espresso coffee?

Now that we have the raw material and the tools ready let’s focus on the preparation routine that we should follow to prepare a proper coffee only, either in the bar or in our espresso machine at home.

Step by step routine:

– Load the coffee beans into the grinder and grind.

– Dose 8-9 grams of ground coffee in the clean filter holder

– Equalize the load by compact and horizontal pressing

– Clean the edges of the saucepan by gently passing the hand

– Purge the shower from the coffee maker to remove leftover coffee

– Then, introduce the Filter Holder with the load, and we press the button

– Make sure that the temperature (85 / 90ºC in a cup) and the pressure of the machine is correct

– Turn the cups upside down in the coffee maker to keep them hot. If they are upside down, we do not help the coffee cream to fall appropriately, and the client notices the cup is very hot when he drinks

– Check daily that the grinding is correct for the atmospheric conditions. With the heat the coffee becomes caked, with the cold it is released

– Do not keep ground coffee in the dispenser overnight

– Always keep the filter holder in the coffee maker

– Dose with dry strokes and make a good pressing. Better manual than with the mill press

– Once you put the filter holder in the machine, make the coffee quickly, or it will burn

– The delivery must be continuous. Never give it twice to fill the cup. Use the constant button if the coffee maker is not programmed.

– Perform regular cleaning of the machine and mill.

– The espresso must be served freshly made. It is the customer who must wait, not the coffee

The organic coffee trend is increasingly present in our lives. A quality ecological espresso could be made with this procedure.


Espresso coffee is becoming more and more popular day by day. So, you may want to know how to use the espresso machine properly and make coffee with that. For that, this guide is crucial for you. Follow the guide attentively and make the most of it.

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