How To Wind Weed Eater String

How To Wind Weed Eater String

As you know, a weed eater has to deal with thick patches of grass frequently. Due to repeated contact in rough surfaces, the plastic strings in a weed eater get worn.

There’s nothing more annoying than working with a worn weed eater string. The weed eater should be wound to work properly. With this in mind, we come here with the easiest techniques to solve your problem.

Wanna know how to wind a weed eater string? You come to the right place. Go through this post and get the best solutions here. I assure you are gonna be benefitted.

7 Easy Steps: How To Wind Weed Eater String

Step 1: Releasing the spool:

In order to release the spool, at first, you have to unscrew the trimmer head. Because the spool is included inside the head. On the other hand, the trimmer head is controlled by a retaining ring. You only have to unscrew the ring by pushing the tabs with minimal pressure. After unscrewing the head, discard the spool.

But different models of weed eaters may need different mechanisms to remove the spool. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2: Cutting the strings to the exact size:

In this step, you need a pair of scissors to cut down the strings to the length of around 15′ and 25′. But the size diameter may vary based on the spool’s size. You better cut the strings longer so that you can cut them shorter after winding the spool. If you are using the two strings weed eater, be sure to cut the strings into two equal lengths.

Step 3: Locating the small hole at the middle of the spool:

First of all, find the eyelet or hole on the opposite side of the trimmer head. After finding the hole, wrap the strings around the hole. Keep pushing strings until the spool is full. Thrust half an inch of one verge of the line into the hole. It helps the spool stay in place when loading the spool.

If you own a two-string weed eater, a small hole splits up the strings into two sections through a divider. You need to roll one piece of the line together when you are winding a two-string weed eater.

Step 4: Winding the string onto the spool:

In the next step, you have to spin the line onto the spool. You will get the following directions of the arrow on the spool. Follow them thoroughly. Keep winding the strings side to side. It prevents the strings from overlapping. Therefore, the strings won’t get twisted when using.

Do the same process on the other side of the spool if you have a two-string weed eater. Stop winding when there are about 6 inches of string remaining.

Step 5: Clipping the string in the notch:

First, discover the notch. You will find the notch at the verge of the spool. After finding the notch, hook the edge of the line in the point. Two-string weed eaters contain two points located reversely in the spool. The notches assist in holding the spool in place. The notches also prevent the spool from getting unwound when replacing the spool.

Step 6: Placing the spool back inside the head:

In this step, you have to set the spool back to the hub. You will get the hub beneath the trimmer head. For placing the spool in the hub again, you need to remove the loose length of the strings. To release the strings, pull the loosen strings out of the notches in the spool. Don’t forget to feed the loose ends smoothly with the eyelets.

Again do the same techniques to feed the second string of the two-string weed eater. Don’t be in a hurry. Follow the techniques carefully to prevent possible damage.

Step 7: Screwing the retaining ring back inside the trimmer head:

It is the last step in which you have to turn the retaining ring back to the trimmer snap in the right place. Most precisely, if you are working with a two-string weed eater, the step is most applicable. Keep twisting the retaining ring until it fits perfectly. If you don’t tighten the retaining ring properly, it can fly off when powering the weed eater.

These all are the following steps on how to wind a weed eater string quickly. Follow all the methods carefully that can save you a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long does a weed eater string last?

How long the weed eater lasts depends on how often you use your weed eater.  If you repeatedly use the weed eater to weed out rough surfaces, the weed eater string is more prone to get worn. But if you properly maintain the weed eater and take proper care, it will give you long-term performance. In general, a weed eater can last up to 3-7 years with proper maintenance.

How many lines do I put on a weed eater?

The exact line diameter depends on the type of weed eater. But 15-20 feet of lines are recommended for most weed eaters.

Why does weed eater string keep breaking?

Frequent contact in thick patches of grasses makes the weed eater string broken. If the weed eater strings get contact with hardy objects repeatedly such as garden stones, trees, rocks, etc. the weed eater string has risks of breaking. For using it for a longer period, you should well maintain the weed eater.

Final Verdict:

So here, you are getting the best guide on how to wind a weed eater string in 7 simple steps. Being a gardener, a weed eater must be a good friend of yours. But if the weed eater gets worn, nothing is annoying like that. When the best solutions are around you, why worry? Go through the following techniques to wind your weed eater string effortlessly. Now, maintaining a good lawn is corny to you.

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