How To Wind Worx Trimmer Line

How To Wind WORX Trimmer Line

Are you looking for how to wind Worx trimmer line?

Before winding your Worx trimmer, do know the right size line. A Worx trimmer line’s size diameter is about 0.065″. When it comes to winding your Worx trimmer line, let me talk about my experience guys!

Being a gardener, a dedicated string trimmer is one of my most useful tools. A couple of weeks ago while I was using the string trimmer, it wasn’t functioning well. Then, I realized I needed to feed a new string to my Worx trimmer.

So, guys, I’m gonna share the steps with you that I followed when winding the Worx trimmer line. I’m sure the instructions are gonna be more helpful to you.

How to Wind Worx Trimmer Line in 6 Simple Steps

A Worx string trimmer is operated by a battery. It needs a standard spool along with a double string trimmer line to efficiently work. Over time, it needs to feed new strings as it works with a bump-feed system. Simply hit the trimmed head upon the ground in order to feed new string to your string trimmer.

Without feeding new strings, the string trimmer won’t work properly. Thus, winding the trimmer line is even more important. That’s why we have discussed here the steps on how to wind Worx trimmer line. Do follow them:

6 Simple Steps on Winding a Worx Trimmer Line:

Step 1: Pressing the release tabs

First of all, find out the release tabs of the trimmer that hold the spool in position. Keep an eye at the edge of the trimmer shaft where you’ll get the trimmer head. The releasing tabs are placed on the side of the head. After finding it, press the release tabs.

Step 2: Pulling the spool

Drag the spool of the trimmer head in order to discard the remaining strings from the spool.

Step 3: Dividing the strings

In this step, you need a pair of scissors to cut down the double helix Worx strings into two equal pieces. Divide the strings to the length of 25 feet with the help of a scissor.

Step 4: Feeding the strings

Follow the Worx command feed string in this step. At first, you need to feed the tip of the string placed at the end of the spool.

Then feed the around string located at the top of the spool. When there are 6 inches of unwound string, stop feeding. Clasp the leftover 6 inches string into the end tab of the spool.

Step 5: Placing the second string:

You have to set the second string to the second spool hole. Continue winding the second string as you do for the first string.

Step 6: Sliding the spool back to the shaft

This is the last step of winding your Worx trimmer line. You need to slip the spool back to the trimmer shaft. Set the spool’s cover and don’t forget to feed the strings again by the holes on the cover sides. Fix the cover in the exact position. And lastly, haul the strings tightly to release them from the spool’s sides.

The process is done.

This is all about Worx replacement trimmer line spool wa004. Hope you guys love the easiest steps.

Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does Worx command feed work?

Worx string trimmer comes with a developed Worx command feed to guide the operators instantly when the trimmed line should be wound. It electrically regulates when to feed the line and stops awkward bump feeding. With the help of the command, you can feed the trimmer line easily only by rolling the pushbutton activator.

What size line does the Worx trimmer use?

It is very important to use the perfect line diameter when feeding a string trimmer. You better follow the product’s manual to know the exact size. When it comes to feeding the Worx trimmer, the size diameter is usually 0.065 inches. You would be glad that a Worx trimmer comes with a robust single-line release to offer you additional cutting power.

Why is my Worx trimmer not working?

The Worx trimmer can’t work for several reasons. When the replacement battery is not placed correctly, your trimmer won’t work well. You should replace the charging station as soon as possible. First, plug the battery into the trimmer. Then tab the lock button. After that, press the trigger button. If you notice that the lock button is not working, you need to replace the lock button immediately. Plus, the Worx trimmer can stop working when you use it for weeding out rough surfaces frequently.

How does an auto-feed trimmer work?

As its name implies auto-feed string trimmers work with electricity that automatically releases the string into the trimmer head. Thus you can effortlessly feed the trimmer line. You don’t have to pull the string manually.

Where is the serial number on a Worx trimmer?

You find the serial number of your Worx trimmer on the converse side of the car housing. The serial number is put out here.

Why does my Worx trimmer line keep breaking?

A string trimmer has to deal with various harsh surfaces when weeding out the garden. In general, the trimmer line breaks more frequently when you do use the trimmer on thick grass patches, rocky surfaces, wet grounds, or other rough surfaces. If the trimmer head gets hit in a wall, garden stone, paving edge, or something like that, the trimmer line can break.

Last Few Words:

As you see here, we have discussed how to wind Worx trimmer line in 6 simple steps. You must know, feeding the trimmer line is much more important to cut down weeds efficiently. If the trimmer is not fed new strings, it will be good for nothing. With this in mind, we come here with the easiest solution. I assure you the instructions are gonna be more effective.

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